Load & Process DICOM data

In [2]:
import dicom
import os
import numpy
from matplotlib import pyplot, cm
%pylab inline
Populating the interactive namespace from numpy and matplotlib

Populate lstFilesDCM with the filenames of the DICOM files

In [3]:
PathDicom = "./MyHead/"
lstFilesDCM = []  # create an empty list
for dirName, subdirList, fileList in os.walk(PathDicom):
    for filename in fileList:
        if ".dcm" in filename.lower():  # check whether the file's DICOM

Use the first of the DICOM files to read in some of the metadata, specifically the image dimensions, the pixel-spacing, and the slice-thickness

In [4]:
# Get ref file
RefDs = dicom.read_file(lstFilesDCM[0])

# Load dimensions based on the number of rows, columns, and slices (along the Z axis)
ConstPixelDims = (int(RefDs.Rows), int(RefDs.Columns), len(lstFilesDCM))

# Load spacing values (in mm)
ConstPixelSpacing = (float(RefDs.PixelSpacing[0]), float(RefDs.PixelSpacing[1]), float(RefDs.SliceThickness))

Use ConstPixelDims and ConstPixelSpacing to calculate coordinate axes for this array

In [5]:
x = numpy.arange(0.0, (ConstPixelDims[0]+1)*ConstPixelSpacing[0], ConstPixelSpacing[0])
y = numpy.arange(0.0, (ConstPixelDims[1]+1)*ConstPixelSpacing[1], ConstPixelSpacing[1])
z = numpy.arange(0.0, (ConstPixelDims[2]+1)*ConstPixelSpacing[2], ConstPixelSpacing[2])

Load all the pixel data into an appropriate sized NumPy array named ArrayDicom

In [6]:
# The array is sized based on 'ConstPixelDims'
ArrayDicom = numpy.zeros(ConstPixelDims, dtype=RefDs.pixel_array.dtype)

# loop through all the DICOM files
for filenameDCM in lstFilesDCM:
    # read the file
    ds = dicom.read_file(filenameDCM)
    # store the raw image data
    ArrayDicom[:, :, lstFilesDCM.index(filenameDCM)] = ds.pixel_array  


In [14]:
pyplot.axes().set_aspect('equal', 'datalim')
pyplot.pcolormesh(x, y, numpy.flipud(ArrayDicom[:, :, 80]))
<matplotlib.collections.QuadMesh at 0x113bb3dd0>
In [15]:
pyplot.axes().set_aspect('equal', 'datalim')
pyplot.pcolormesh(z, x, numpy.flipud(ArrayDicom[:, 115, :]))
<matplotlib.collections.QuadMesh at 0x1140c7a10>
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