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# This cell is present in all the notebooks.
# It makes the necessary packages available and adjusts various settings.
# You should execute this cell at the start.

import sys

from init_mooc_nb import *


from IPython.display import HTML
Populated the namespace with:
np, matplotlib, kwant, holoviews, init_notebook, SimpleNamespace, pprint_matrix, scientific_number, pretty_fmt_complex, plt, pf, display_html
from code/edx_components:
MoocVideo, MoocDiscussion, MoocCheckboxesAssessment, MoocMultipleChoiceAssessment, MoocSelfAssessment
from code/functions:
spectrum, hamiltonian_array, h_k, pauli
Using kwant 1.4.2 and holoviews 1.13.2
Executed on 2021-03-06 at 14:57:51.616340.