Pyroot 0 0 2_ T Tree As Matrix

This tutorial shows how a TTree can be quickly converted to a numpy array or a pandas.DataFrame.

Author: Stefan Wunsch
This notebook tutorial was automatically generated with ROOTBOOK-izer from the macro found in the ROOT repository on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 08:27 AM.

In [ ]:
import ROOT
from sys import exit

    import numpy as np
    print("Failed to import numpy.")

Helper function to create an example tree

In [ ]:
def make_example():
    root_file = ROOT.TFile("pyroot002_example.root", "RECREATE")
    tree = ROOT.TTree("tree", "tutorial")
    x = np.empty((1), dtype="float32")
    y = np.empty((1), dtype="float32")
    tree.Branch("x", x, "x/F")
    tree.Branch("y", y, "y/F")

    for i in range(4):
        x[0] = i
        y[0] = -i

    return (root_file, x, y), tree

The conversion of the TTree to a numpy array is implemented with multi- thread support.

In [ ]:

Create a ROOT file with a tree and the branches "x" and "y"

In [ ]:
_, tree = make_example()

Print content of the tree by looping explicitly

In [ ]:
print("Tree content:\n{}\n".format(
    np.asarray([[tree.x, tree.y] for event in tree])))

Read-out full tree as numpy array

In [ ]:
array = tree.AsMatrix()
print("Tree converted to a numpy array:\n{}\n".format(array))

Get numpy array and according labels of the columns

In [ ]:
array, labels = tree.AsMatrix(return_labels=True)
print("Return numpy array and labels:\n{}\n{}\n".format(labels, array))

Apply numpy methods on the data

In [ ]:
print("Mean of the columns retrieved with a numpy method: {}\n".format(
    np.mean(array, axis=0)))

Read only specific branches

In [ ]:
array = tree.AsMatrix(columns=["x"])
print("Only the content of the branch 'x':\n{}\n".format(np.squeeze(array)))

array = tree.AsMatrix(exclude=["x"])
print("Read all branches except 'x':\n{}\n".format(np.squeeze(array)))

Get an array with a specific data-type

In [ ]:
array = tree.AsMatrix(dtype="int")
print("Return numpy array with data-type 'int':\n{}\n".format(array))

Convert the tree to a pandas.DataFrame

In [ ]:
    import pandas
    print("Failed to import pandas.")

data, columns = tree.AsMatrix(return_labels=True)
df = pandas.DataFrame(data=data, columns=columns)
print("Tree converted to a pandas.DataFrame:\n{}".format(df))