Df 0 3 2_ Make Numpy Data Frame

Read data from Numpy arrays into RDataFrame.

Author: Stefan Wunsch (KIT, CERN)
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import ROOT
import numpy as np

Let's create some data in numpy arrays

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x = np.array([1, 2, 3], dtype=np.int32)
y = np.array([4, 5, 6], dtype=np.float64)

Read the data with RDataFrame The column names in the RDataFrame are defined by the keys of the dictionary. Please note that only fundamental types (int, float, ...) are supported and the arrays must have the same length.

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df = ROOT.RDF.MakeNumpyDataFrame({'x': x, 'y': y})

You can now use the RDataFrame as usually, e.g. add a column ...

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df = df.Define('z', 'x + y')

... or print the content

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... or save the data as a ROOT file

In [ ]:
df.Snapshot('tree', 'df032_MakeNumpyDataFrame.root')

Draw all canvases

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from ROOT import gROOT