Df 0 1 7_Vec Ops H E P

Use RVecs to plot the transverse momentum of selected particles.

This tutorial shows how VecOps can be used to slim down the programming model typically adopted in HEP for analysis.

Author: Danilo Piparo (CERN), Andre Vieira Silva
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In [ ]:
import ROOT

filename = ROOT.gROOT.GetTutorialDir().Data() + "/dataframe/df017_vecOpsHEP.root"
treename = "myDataset"

def WithPyROOT(filename):
    from math import sqrt
    f = ROOT.TFile(filename)
    h = ROOT.TH1F("pt", "With PyROOT", 16, 0, 4)
    for event in f.myDataset:
        for E, px, py in zip(event.E, event.px, event.py):
            if (E > 100):
               h.Fill(sqrt(px*px + py*py))

def WithRDataFrameVecOpsJit(treename, filename):
    f = ROOT.RDataFrame(treename, filename)
    h = f.Define("good_pt", "sqrt(px*px + py*py)[E>100]")\
         .Histo1D(("pt", "With RDataFrame and RVec", 16, 0, 4), "good_pt")

We plot twice the same quantity, the key is to look into the implementation of the functions above

In [ ]:
c = ROOT.TCanvas()
WithRDataFrameVecOpsJit(treename, filename)

print("Saved figure to df017_vecOpsHEP.png")

Draw all canvases

In [ ]:
from ROOT import gROOT