Recept station map

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# dit notebook werkt onder Python 2 en 3
from __future__ import division, print_function

Plot station (en detector) LLA coordinaten op OpenStreetMap tiles.

```{.python .input}
from sapphire import HiSPARCStations
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplotlib inline

Deze worksheet gebruikt smopy om OpenStreetMap tiles te downloaden en plotten.

smopy kan geinstalleerd worden met: pip install smopy (vanuit een shell of command prompt).

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import smopy

Als deze import een fout oplevert, lees dan hierboven nogmaals!

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def get_latlontext(cluster):
    """Create list of latitude, longitudes, and legend text for a cluster

    Make a list of locations for each of station and its detectors, for the
    stations the number is included.

    :param cluster: HiSPARCStations object.

    latlon = []
    for station in cluster.stations:
        latitude, longitude, _ = station.get_lla_coordinates()
        latlon.append((latitude, longitude, station.number))
        for detector in station.detectors:
            latitude, longitude, _ = detector.get_lla_coordinates()
            latlon.append((latitude, longitude, None))
    return latlon

Bovenstaande functie maakt van een HiSPARCStations cluster object een lijst met lla coordinaten.


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print(get_latlontext(HiSPARCStations([102], force_stale=True)))
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def plot_cluster_OSM(stations, plot_detectors=False, force_stale=True):
    """Plot cluster (station and detectors) on top of OSM tiles

    :param cluster: (list of) station number(s).
    :param plot_detectors: plot detectors if True.
    :param force_stale: if True do not get lla info from api, but use local data.

    if isinstance(stations, int):
        stations = [stations]

    cluster = HiSPARCStations(stations, force_stale=force_stale)

    latlon = get_latlontext(cluster)
    lat = [ll[0] for ll in latlon]
    lon = [ll[1] for ll in latlon]

    map = smopy.Map((min(lat), min(lon)), (max(lat), max(lon)), margin=0.01)
    ax = map.show_mpl(figsize=(10, 10), dpi=200)
    for px, py, label in latlon:
        x, y = map.to_pixels(px, py)
        if label is not None:
            ax.plot(x, y, 'or', ms=10, mew=2)
            ax.text(x, y, '  '  + str(label))
        elif plot_detectors:  # detector
            ax.plot(x, y, 'xb', ms=10)
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plot_cluster_OSM((102, 104, 105), plot_detectors=True)
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plot_cluster_OSM(range(501, 512))
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plot_cluster_OSM((501, 508, 510), plot_detectors=True)