UI Options

BeakerX has GUI controls for customizing the Jupyter UI in a control panel added to Jupyter's tree view.

The settings are stored in your ~/.jupyter/beakerx.json file.

Note that if you change the values in the UI, already open notebooks are not effected, only new ones. You can save and then reload an old window to update it with your new settings.

The settings are:

  • Auto close brackets by default Jupyter code editor automatically closes brackets. Uncheck to disable.
  • Wide code cells by default Jupyter cell widths are limited. BeakerX makes cells as wide as the browser window. Uncheck to return to Jupyter's style.
  • Show publication button and menu item Uncheck this to hide the UI that posts to GitHub, disabling the publication feature.
  • Auto save notebooks by default Jupyter autosaves notebooks every minute. Uncheck to only save on demand.