Useful Resources

Programming Basics

  • Codecademy - Online learning platform which offers free interactive lessons covering the very basics of programming languages.
  • Google's Python Class - A combination of written materials, instructional videos and coding exersises to practice Python programming.
  • Pyschools - Practical python tutorials for beginners and beyond. Note - you must have a google account to sign-up.
  • Udacity - Introduction python programming class with mini-projects in each lesson.
  • Tutorialspoint - Basics of python syntax.

Software & Libraries

  • Anaconda - Suite of data science applications
  • Gensim - Topic Modelling toolkit for Python
  • NLTK - Natural Language Toolkit

Python Resources

  • The Python Wiki - A comprehensive encyclopedia of python related information including a beginners guide, common problems and links to many useful resources.
  • Stack Overflow - An excellent community driven question-answer problem solving resource for even the trickiest of python conundrums.

Further Explorations

  • Voyant - Open source web application for text analysis featuring a plethora of data and visualization tools.
  • Big Data by Neal Caren - Tutorials which cover the fundamentals of quantitative text analysis for social scientists.

Open Source Materials

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