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Singular Spectrum Analysis for NH Monthly Land Temperature.ipynb
ex00-Introduction Life is short, use Python.ipynb
ex01-Read SST NetCDF data, subsample and save.ipynb
ex02-Read SST data, create and save nino3 time series.ipynb
ex03-Read SST, mask and calculate global mean.ipynb
ex04-Read nino3 SSTA series in npz format, plot and save the image.ipynb
ex05-Process uWind (Mean and Std).ipynb
ex06-Process uWind (Zonal Mean and Interpolation).ipynb
ex07-Interpolate 2D field on regular and irregular grids.ipynb
ex08-Read SST, calculate and subplot monthly climatology.ipynb
ex09-Read SST and visualize in different projections.ipynb
ex10.Compute and plot ACW - Hovmoeller.ipynb
ex11-Primary analysis of GPCC precipitation data.ipynb
ex12-Analysis of Monthly GPCP precipitation.ipynb
ex13-Apply Hovmoller Diagram-The seasonal migration of rainfall in Africa.ipynb
ex14-Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI).ipynb
ex15-Trend and Anomaly Analyses of Long-term Tempro-Spatial Dataset.ipynb
ex16-Create anomaly correlation maps of nino3 SSTA-Sea Level Pressure.ipynb
ex17-EOF analysis global hgt500.ipynb
ex18-EOF analysis global SST.ipynb
ex19-EOF analysis in central pacific ocean.ipynb
ex20-Power spectral density.ipynb
ex21-Continuous Wavelet Spectrum-Example for NINO3 SST.ipynb
ex22-Visualize GAR Global Flood Hazard Map with Python.ipynb
ex23-CO2 and Global Temperature Anomaly.ipynb
ex24-Visualize CO2 Time Series with Python.ipynb
ex25-Heatmap of Global Temperature Anomaly.ipynb
ex26-Identify Marine Heatwaves from High-resolution Daily SST Data.ipynb
ex27-Wind Rose.ipynb
ex28-Identify Coupled Patterns between SLP and SST through Maximum Covariance Analysis.ipynb
ex29-Identify Patterns in the Coupled Fields of SLP and SST through Canonical Correlation Analysis.ipynb
ex30-Identify_North_Atlantic_winter_weather_regimes by KMeans.ipynb
ex31-Harmonic Analysis - Monthly Mean Temperature at Orange, Australia.ipynb
ex32-North Atlantic Winter Weather Regimes from a Self-Organizing Map Perspective.ipynb
ex33-View Northeast Pacifc sea surface temperature based on an ensemble empirical mode decomposition.ipynb
ex34-Correlations between SOI and SLP, Temperature and Precipitation.ipynb