MPEF MSG Animation


In this tutorila we will load 6 hours worth of MSG Level1.5 data and create an animation, saved in mp4 format

In [ ]:
import os
import sys
import satpy
from satpy import Scene
from satpy.multiscene import MultiScene
import imageio

import glob
In [ ]:
# locate and store then Image files in a list
files = glob.glob('{}*'.format(base_dir))

# Create a scene for each file and store in scenes list
scenes = [Scene(sensor="seviri",reader='seviri_l1b_native', filenames=[filenames]) for filenames in files]
In [ ]:
mscn = MultiScene(scenes)
# load a channel
mscn.save_animation('full_msg4_test.mp4', fps=2)
# View the animation in your browser

Exercise 1 Create an animated composite resampled over Europe

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