Practice Problems

Lecture 22

Answer each number in a separate cell

Rename the notebook with your lastName and the lecture

ex. CychB_22

Turn this notebook into triton-ed by the end of class

1. Great circles

  • Someone measured the strike and dip of a plane to be 333 and 42$^{\circ}$ NE.
  • Calculate the dip direction and the pole to the plane from the strike and dip.
  • Plot the trace of the plane on an equal area net.

[Hint: look at Lecture 21 for how strike and dip works.]

2. Small circles

  • Someone measured a bunch of geomagnetic directions with a mean inclination of 33 $^{\circ}$ declination of 12$^{\circ}$ and a circle of 95% confidence of 15$^{\circ}$.

  • Plot the mean direction as a solid red triangle in an equal area diagram

  • Plot the circle of confidence as blue dots
  • Calculate the antipode of the mean direction (the direction 180$^{\circ}$ away with the opposite inclination).
  • Plot the antipode as a white triangle with a black edge.
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