Practice Problems

Lecture 18

Answer each number in a separate cell

Rename the notebook with your lastName and the lecture

ex. CychB_18

Turn this notebook into TritonEd by the end of class

1. Mercator projections

  • Make a mercator projection with latitude bounds of $\pm$ 80.
  • Color the oceans aqua and the continents coral
  • Draw on parallels and meridians at 15$^{\circ}$ intervals
  • Place a pentagon where you were born and set the markersize to 15. [Hint: help(plt.plot)]

2. Orthographic maps

  • Make an orthographic map for the other side of the world by setting lon_0 and lat_0 to 180 and -80 respectively
  • Color the continents black
  • Plot a large magenta square at the South Pole (-90, 170)

3. Lambert Conformal Conic maps

  • Make a Lambert conformal conic projection with the boundaries 0-40$^{\circ}$N and 110-160$^{\circ}$E.
  • Add the continents to your map
  • Add reasonable latitude and longitude grid lines and label them.
  • Plot the earthquakes in the datafile Datasets/EarthquakeLocations/last5Years.csv as black triangles.
  • Change the size of the markers based on depths - you can use the same depth bins as before, or use your own bins.