3D Render

In addition to display 3D datasets one slice at a time, ds9 can also render data cubes in 3D.


ArLac, OBS_ID 13182

download_chandra_obsid 13182 evt2
mv 13182/primary/hrcf13182N002_evt2.fits.gz ./
rmdir -p 13182/primary

dmcopy \
  "hrcf13182N002_evt2.fits.gz[sky=circle(16404,16499,40)][bin chipx=7370:7857:1,chipy=7590:8080:1,time=::#100]" \
  ar_lac.cube clob+

Here we have filtered the HRC event file on sky coordinates, but then binned the image into a 3D cube in chip coordinates vs. time.

In [1]:
cd 3D
ds9 -3d ar_lac.cube -scale log &
[1] 32145
In [2]:
import -window "SAOImage ds9" ds9_08_3d_01.png 
display < ds9_08_3d_01.png

In [3]:
xpaset -p ds9 3d view 60 30
xpaset -p ds9 view vertical

import -window "SAOImage ds9" ds9_08_3d_02.png 
display < ds9_08_3d_02.png

In [4]:
xpaset -p ds9 quit
[1]+  Done                    ds9 -3d ar_lac.cube -scale log
In [ ]: