Regions in ds9 serve multiple purposes. Some are purely decorative such as the Text and Compass. Some are functional such as Projection, and some represent multiple analysis regions such as Annulus and Panda

Panda = Pie AND Annulus

In this section we demonstrate a few of these

  • Decorations
  • Plot3D
  • Statistics
  • Projection

Region Functionality

Basic regions (circle, box, polygon, ellipse) in ds9 are also functional.


This is a special dataset. Before the iconic Chandra CasA first light, we had to be sure that the instruments were still in focus. The isolated point source PKS0637-752 was selected as the calibration target. When the data were processed, there was something to the East of the source. Soon thoughts of Hubble's blurry mirrors sprang to mind along with potential of software bugs. Luckily, we found out that the smudge was coincident with a Radio jet -- and what we thought was a problem, was in fact Chandra's first scientific discovery of an unresolved X-ray jet.

PKS0637-752 OBS_ID 62554

download_chandra_obsid 62554 evt2

Live Statistics

In [1]:
cd RegionFunctionality
ds9 acisf62554N003_evt2.fits -scale log -zoom 8 -pan to 3893 4038 physical &
[1] 27616
In [2]:
xpaset -p ds9 regions command "circle(3893,4038,10)"

import -window "SAOImage ds9" ds9_04_regions_03.png 
display < ds9_04_regions_03.png

In [3]:
# Region -> Get Information
# Analysis -> Statistics
# Close Circle info box
sleep 5

import -window "Circle" ds9_04_regions_04.png 
display < ds9_04_regions_04.png

In [4]:
xpaset -p ds9 regions delete all

Projection Region

In [5]:
xpaset -p ds9 regions load ds9.reg 

import -window "SAOImage ds9" ds9_04_regions_05.png 
display < ds9_04_regions_05.png

In [6]:
# Double Click Region, Analysis -> Plot2D
# close Projection info window
sleep 5

import -window "Projection" ds9_04_regions_06.png 
display < ds9_04_regions_06.png

In [7]:
xpaset -p ds9 quit
[1]+  Done                    ds9 acisf62554N003_evt2.fits -scale log -zoom 8 -pan to 3893 4038 physical
In [ ]: