ds9 supports on-the-fly filtering of tables and images using the funtools filtering syntax. It is the same as CIAO for simple filters; filters with complicated logic may be different.


4U 1630-47, OBS_ID 19004

download_chandra_obsid 19004 evt2
In [1]:
cd Filter; 
ds9 acisf19004N001_evt2.fits  -scale log -bin to 4 &
[1] 26690
In [2]:
import -window "SAOImage ds9" ds9_03_filter_01.png 
display < ds9_03_filter_01.png

In [3]:
xpaset -p ds9 bin filter 'energy=2000:7000'
In [4]:
xpaset -p ds9 smooth yes
xpaset -p ds9 smooth radius 4
xpaset -p ds9 cmap grey
xpaset -p ds9 cmap invert

import -window "SAOImage ds9" ds9_03_filter_02.png 
display < ds9_03_filter_02.png

In [5]:
xpaset -p ds9 quit
[1]+  Done                    ds9 acisf19004N001_evt2.fits -scale log -bin to 4
In [ ]: