ds9 provides several ways the user can tweak the user interface to meet their personal preference. These include

  • Horizontal | Vertical
  • Blink
  • Tear Off Menus
  • Shortcuts
  • Cuts, Colorbar,


ACT J0102-4915, OBS_ID 14022

download_chandra_obsid 14022 evt2

Customizing the UI

In [1]:
cd Basics; 

ds9 acisf14022N001_evt2.fits &
[1] 25465
In [2]:
xpaset -p ds9 scale log
xpaset -p ds9 pan to 3760 4290 physical
xpaset -p ds9 bin factor 2

import -window 'SAOImage ds9'  ds9_01_basics_01.png 
display < ds9_01_basics_01.png

In [3]:
xpaset -p ds9 view vertical

import -window 'SAOImage ds9'  ds9_01_basics_02.png 
display < ds9_01_basics_02.png

In [4]:
# File -> Tear Off
sleep 5

import -window "File"  ds9_01_basics_03.png 
display < ds9_01_basics_03.png

In [5]:
# Horizontal and Vertical graphs manually
sleep 5

xpaset -p ds9 crosshair 3760 4290 physical
#xpaset -p ds9 view graph horizontal yes
#xpaset -p ds9 view graph vertical yes
xpaset -p ds9 view horzgraph yes
xpaset -p ds9 view vertgraph yes

import -window 'SAOImage ds9'  ds9_01_basics_04.png 
display < ds9_01_basics_04.png

In [6]:
xpaset -p ds9 quit
[1]+  Done                    ds9 acisf14022N001_evt2.fits
In [ ]: