SAOImageDS9 Demo

Kenny Glotfelty

ds9 is the standard data visualization used by professional and amateur Astronomers world-wide.


This notebook was created with

In [1]:
ciaover | sed s,$ASCDS_INSTALL,/soft/ciao-4.11,
CIAO 4.11 Wednesday, December  5, 2018
  bindir      : /soft/ciao-4.11/bin
  CALDB       : 4.8.2

This notebook requires the bash_kernel to be installed. With CIAO 4.11 most users can now

pip3 install bash_kernel
python -m bash_kernel.install --sys-prefix

Use the kernelspec command to check that it is installed properly

In [2]:
jupyter kernelspec list | sed s,$ASCDS_INSTALL,/soft/ciao-4.11,
Available kernels:
  bash       /soft/ciao-4.11/ots/share/jupyter/kernels/bash
  python3    /soft/ciao-4.11/ots/share/jupyter/kernels/python3
  python2    /usr/local/share/jupyter/kernels/python2
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