Install Julia

Grab a binary of the latest Julia from

If the binaries do not work, please install from source. The initial source installation takes a long time because of the dependencies that have to be installed, but subsequent builds takes less than a minute on average.

Make Julia Convenient to Run

To make it easier to start a Julia REPL from a terminal session, I set up an alias that points to the executable copy of Julia that we just installed. On OS X, I use the following:

alias julia="/Applications/Julia-*.app/Contents/Resources/julia/bin/julia"

I also setup an alias for IJulia to make it easier to launch from the command-line:

alias ijulia="ipython notebook --profile=julia"

Install Packages

Start a Julia REPL and then run the following commands in the Julia REPL to install packages used in these notebooks:

  • Pkg.add("Homebrew") (on OS X)
  • Pkg.add("IJulia")
  • Pkg.add("Gadfly")
  • Pkg.add("RDatasets")
  • Pkg.add("GLM")
  • Pkg.add("Optim")