Style Guide

Keywords: style guide, notebook format

Maintaining a collection of Jupyter notebooks requires attention to important details, among them are the structure and style of the individual notebooks. Maintaining a consistent notebook style enables use of tools to automate management of the collection. The purpose of this notebook is document a standard style suited to management using [nbpages]{

This style guide assumes the use of software tools to manage the collection of notebooks. The software tools will perform the following tasks:

  • Generate a file to be written to the top-level directory.
  • Generate a table of contents written to and toc.ipynb in the notebooks directory.
  • Insert and update a common header for all notebooks
  • Insert and update a navigation bar located in the second and terminal cell of each notebook.
  • A listing of all links and figures found in the notebooks.
  • A listing of stylistic lint encountered during the processing of the notebooks.

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