Getting Started

0.1 Jupyter Notebooks, Python, and Google Colaboratory

0.2 Solving Linear Equations with Simpy

Chapter 1.0 Units, Quantities, and Engineering Calculations

1.1 Units and Engineering Calculations

1.2 Units and Conversions for Home Heating

Chapter 2.0 Stoichiometry

2.1 Balancing Reactions

2.2 Generation Consumption Analysis

Chapter 3.0 Process Flows and Balances

3.1 Global CO2 Budget

3.2 CO2 Production by Automobiles

3.4 Separating Milk

3.5 Adipic Acid Flowsheet

Chapter 4.0 Material Balances

4.1 Lean NOx Trap

4.2 Ethylene Oxide Flowsheet

4.3 General Mass Balance on a Single Tank

4.4 Unsteady-State Material Balances

Chapter 5.0 Reactors

5.1 Dehydrogenation of Propane

5.2 Steam Reforming of Methane

Chapter 6.0 Vapors and Gases

6.1 PVT Computations for Non-ideal Gases

6.2 Hydrogen Storage in a Fuel Cell Vehicle

Chapter 7.0 Vapor/Liquid Equilibrium

7.1 Gases with One Condensable Component

7.2 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium for Pure Components

7.3 Operating Limits for a Methanol Lighter

7.4 Raoult Law for Ideal Mixtures

7.5 Henry Law Constants

7.6 Binary Phase Diagrams for Ideal Mixtures

7.7 Bubble and Dew Points for Binary Mixtures

7.8 Bubble and Dew Points for Multicomponent Mixtures

  • Summary
  • Bubble and Dew Point Equations for Ideal Mixtures
      - [Bubble Point Equations](http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/jckantor/CBE20255/blob/master/notebooks/07.08-Bubble-and-Dew-Points-for-Multicomponent-Mixtures.ipynb#Bubble-Point-Equations)
      - [Dew Point Equations](http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/jckantor/CBE20255/blob/master/notebooks/07.08-Bubble-and-Dew-Points-for-Multicomponent-Mixtures.ipynb#Dew-Point-Equations)
  • Multicomponent Mixtures
  • Links

7.9 Isothermal Flash and the Rachford-Rice Equation

7.10 Binary Distillation with McCabe-Thiele

Chapter 8.0 Energy Balances

8.1 Energy Balances on a Classroom

8.2 Water and Steam Calculator

8.3 Basic Energy Computations

8.4 Energy Balances for a Steam Turbine

8.5 Humidity and Psychrometrics

8.6 Adiabatic Flame Temperature

8.7 Torpedo Propulsion

Appendix A. Products: Product Design and Analysis

A.1 Diesel Engine Emissions Control

A.2 Pyrotechnic Design for Airbags

A.3 Flameless Cooking

A.4 Artificial Gills for Underwater Breathing?

Appendix B. Projects: Process Systems Analysis

B.1 West Virginia Chemical Spill

B.2 Ajka Alumina Plant Spill