Welcome to the Scijava Jupyter Kernel

If you haven't checked the introduction and installation instructions of the scijava-jupyter-kernel yet, please click here.

The goal of this series of notebooks is to introduce you to some of the features of the scijava-jupyter-kernel.

Note that those notebooks are not an introduction course to the diverse languages supported by the scijava-jupyter-kernel. Neither it's an introduction to imaging analysis with ImageJ. Check the amazing ImageJ website for this.

A list of notebooks highlighting the Scijava Jupyter Kernel specific features :

  • Polyglot : Introduction to the polyglot capabilities of the kernel.
  • Rich Output : Automatic output conversion.
  • On-The-Fly Grabbing : How to dynamically download and load libraries ?
  • Scijava : Scijava specific features.
  • ImageJ : ImageJ specific features.

Help is always welcome to improve those notebooks. Don't hesitate to submit your ideas.