Categorize Custom CIViC Variants and Generate Coordiantes

Welcome to OpenCAP Jupyter Notebooks! Here you can run pre-designed code to generate required files for custom capture panels.

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Commands to generate probes

We have created a python script called that will take in variants of interest generated from the CIViC interface and output a list of genomic coordinates that require capture. The output from this command can be provided to a commercial entitiy that generate probes for custom capture.

Before running this cell, please upload your CIViC variants to the home directory (see ReadTheDocs) and change the input variant list name to match your variant list. You can run the cell by holding the "shift" key and selecting "enter".

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#run command  python code             #input variant list
%run -i '' 'CIViC_variants_2019-04-05T14_04_07.csv'
Panel generation has been successfully completed!
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