Cannot combine --link & --net host

In [ ]:
find . -name 'db*.sql' | awk '{ print "source",$0 }' | mysql --batch -u root -prootpwferro sspanel

    location /ss {
        root /var/html/www/ss-panel/public;
        try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php$is_args$args;

docker ps

docker attach 0b074fd14d56

docker exec -it 665b4a1e17b6 /bin/bash

docker images

docker tag a653e265abb0  fzinfz/jupyter:latest
In [12]:
docker rmi -f fzinfz/jupyter:0.1
Untagged: fzinfz/jupyter:0.1
In [ ]:
docker run -it --entrypoint=/bin/bash $IMAGE -i
In [ ]:
docker commit -c "EXPOSE 8888" 37cdc2e7328b    fzinfz/jupyter:0.2-addBash
In [31]:
docker history  continuumio/anaconda3
IMAGE               CREATED             CREATED BY                                      SIZE                COMMENT
4480582d0805        11 days ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) CMD ["/bin/bash"]             0 B                 
<missing>           11 days ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/bin/tini"   0 B                 
<missing>           11 days ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) ENV PATH=/opt/conda/bin:/us   0 B                 
<missing>           11 days ago         /bin/sh -c apt-get install -y curl grep sed d   2.295 MB            
<missing>           11 days ago         /bin/sh -c echo 'export PATH=/opt/conda/bin:$   1.556 GB            
<missing>           11 days ago         /bin/sh -c apt-get update --fix-missing && ap   195 MB              
<missing>           11 days ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) ENV LANG=C.UTF-8 LC_ALL=C.U   0 B                 
<missing>           11 days ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) MAINTAINER Kamil Kwiek <kam   0 B                 
<missing>           2 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) CMD ["/bin/bash"]             0 B                 
<missing>           2 weeks ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) ADD file:0e0565652aa852f620   125.1 MB            
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docker tag local-image:tagname fzinfz/ferro:tagname
docker push fzinfz/ferro:tagname
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stop all containers:
docker kill $(docker ps -q)

remove all containers
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

remove all Exited docker containers
docker ps -a | egrep 'Exited|Created' | awk '{print $1}' | xargs --no-run-if-empty docker rm

remove all docker images
docker rmi $(docker images -q)
In [4]:
docker network ls
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?
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docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --restart=always --name registry registry:2
In [26]:
docker info | grep Registry
 WARNING: Usage of loopback devices is strongly discouraged for production use. Either use `--storage-opt dm.thinpooldev` or use `--storage-opt dm.no_warn_on_loop_devices=true` to suppress this warning.
WARNING: bridge-nf-call-iptables is disabled
WARNING: bridge-nf-call-ip6tables is disabled