A graph(ical) approach towards Bounded Contexts.ipynb
Architecture Governance Example.ipynb
Building Higher-Level Abstractions of Source Code.ipynb
Calculating Indentation-based Complexity.ipynb
Calculating the Structural Similarity of Test Cases.ipynb
Checking the modularization based on changes (3D Version).ipynb
Checking the modularization of software systems by analyzing co-changing source code files.ipynb
Code Maat Python.ipynb
Committer Distribution.ipynb
Creating a fun dataset.ipynb
Developers' Habits (IntelliJ Edition).ipynb
Developers' Habits (Linux Edition).ipynb
Effective interactive data visualization with pandas and pygal.ipynb
Finding tested code with jQAssistant.ipynb
Fitness Function for Detecting Cyclic Package Dependencies.ipynb
Fitness Function for Detecting Race Conditions.ipynb
Fixing code that is actually used with Tablesaw.ipynb
Generate fake data for Spring PetClinic with Pandas and Faker.ipynb
Generating Synthetic Data based on a Git Log.ipynb
Grouping co-changing code - fossology.ipynb
Grouping co-changing code.ipynb
Identifying lost knowledge in the Linux kernel source code.ipynb
Impact Analysis with jQAssistant and Neo4j.ipynb
Indentation Complexity.ipynb
Java Type Dependency Analysis.ipynb
Joint Sources - Using Pandas as ETL tool.ipynb
Knowledge Islands.ipynb
Mini-Tutorial Git Log Analyse mit Python und Pandas.ipynb
Mini-Tutorial Git Log Analysis with Python and Pandas.ipynb
Mining SonarQube.ipynb
Mining performance HotSpots with JProfiler, jQAssistant, Neo4j and Pandas.ipynb
Production Coverage Demo Notebook.ipynb
Production Coverage Demo with Tablesaw and BeakerX.ipynb
Proof of Concept - Adding comments to classes in jQAssistant.ipynb
Quantifying the Java Development Kit.ipynb
Race Condition Demo Notebook.ipynb
Read in semi-structured data.ipynb
Reading a Git log file output with Pandas.ipynb
Reading a Git repo's commit history with Pandas efficiently.ipynb
SWOT analysis for spotting worthless code.ipynb
Similarity visualizations PCA AHC.ipynb
Spotting co-changing files.ipynb
Spotting performance issues with vmstat.ipynb
Storing Git commit information into Pandas' DataFrame.ipynb
Structural Test Case Similarity.ipynb
Tracking Reengineerings under the Hood.ipynb
Travis CI Build Breaker Analysis.ipynb
Visualize Developer Contributions with Stream Graphs.ipynb
Visualizing Production Coverage with JaCoCo, Pandas and D3.ipynb
Visualizing and Clustering of the Structural Similarities of Test Cases.ipynb
Word Cloud Computing.ipynb
Word count distribution of commit messages.ipynb
Getting Started with Python