Map plots

Plots on Mapbox maps are available only considering you have a Mapbox account and a Mapbox Access Token. After getting a mabox token it can be written set to pandapower as the following (where '<token>' needs to be replaced with provided mapbox token)

In [9]:
from pandapower.plotting.plotly.mapbox_plot import set_mapbox_token

If network geodata are in Geographic coordinate system as latitude/longitude, a network can be plot on different maps. Moreover, if network geodata are not in latitude/longitude, but in some of the projections, it may be converted to lat/long by providing name of the projection (in the form 'epsg:projection_number'according to

Following example shows plot of the network mv_oberrhein, where network geodata are in Gauss-Kruger projection (zone 3).
Since geodata are not in lat/long, plot using only on_map=True cannot be realized on a map:

In [11]:
from pandapower.plotting.plotly import simple_plotly, pf_res_plotly, vlevel_plotly
from pandapower.networks import mv_oberrhein

net = mv_oberrhein()
In [12]:
simple_plotly(net, on_map=True)
Existing geodata are not real lat/lon geographical coordinates. -> plot on maps is not possible.
Use geo_data_to_latlong(net, projection) to transform geodata from specific projection.