A project to find out which maps are present at http://image.weather.com/web/radar/ (given the absence of a directory listing). From Dayton Dynamic Languages' Nov. 2014 meeting.

In [1]:
!pip install ddlgenerator
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): ddlgenerator in /home/catherine/proj/ddl-generator
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): python-dateutil in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages/python_dateutil-2.2-py3.4.egg (from ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): sqlalchemy in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages/SQLAlchemy-0.9.7-py3.4-linux-x86_64.egg (from ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): dateutils in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages/dateutils-0.6.6-py3.4.egg (from ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): pyyaml in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages/PyYAML-3.11-py3.4-linux-x86_64.egg (from ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): beautifulsoup4 in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): requests in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): pymongo in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): data-dispenser>=0.2.4 in /home/catherine/proj/data-dispenser (from ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): six in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages/six-1.8.0-py3.4.egg (from python-dateutil->ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): argparse in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages/argparse-1.1-py3.4.egg (from dateutils->ddlgenerator)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): pytz in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pytz-2014.7-py3.4.egg (from dateutils->ddlgenerator)
Cleaning up...
In [10]:
!pip install ipython_sql
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): ipython-sql in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): prettytable in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from ipython-sql)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): ipython>=1.0 in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from ipython-sql)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): sqlalchemy>=0.6.7 in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages/SQLAlchemy-0.9.7-py3.4-linux-x86_64.egg (from ipython-sql)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): sqlparse in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from ipython-sql)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): six in /home/catherine/ve/ddl/lib/python3.4/site-packages/six-1.8.0-py3.4.egg (from ipython-sql)
Cleaning up...
In [2]:
!ddlgenerator --inserts sqlite http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airports_in_the_United_States > airports.sql
In [3]:
!rm airports.sqlite
In [4]:
!sqlite3 airports.sqlite ".read airports.sql"

In [5]:
!sqlite3 airports.sqlite "alter table list_of_airports_in_the_united_states rename to airports"
In [6]:
%load_ext sql
In [7]:
%sql sqlite:///airports.sqlite
'Connected: [email protected]'
In [8]:
%sql select * from airports limit 10
city faa iata icao airport role enplanements
ALABAMA None None None None None None
Birmingham BHM BHM KBHM Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport P-S 1,335,014
Dothan DHN DHN KDHN Dothan Regional Airport P-N 48,423
Huntsville HSV HSV KHSV Huntsville International Airport (Carl T. Jones Field) P-S 505,541
Mobile MOB MOB KMOB Mobile Regional Airport P-N 287,661
Montgomery MGM MGM KMGM Montgomery Regional Airport (Dannelly Field) P-N 157,958
ALASKA None None None None None None
Anchorage ANC ANC PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport P-M 2,325,030
Aniak ANI ANI PANI Aniak Airport P-N 14,334
Barrow BRW BRW PABR Wiley Post–Will Rogers Memorial Airport P-N 51,568
In [9]:
base_url = 'http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_%s_closeradar_large_usen.jpg'
In [11]:
faa = %sql select faa, city from airports where faa is not null
In [12]:
[('BHM', 'Birmingham'),
 ('DHN', 'Dothan'),
 ('HSV', 'Huntsville'),
 ('MOB', 'Mobile'),
 ('MGM', 'Montgomery'),
 ('ANC', 'Anchorage'),
 ('ANI', 'Aniak'),
 ('BRW', 'Barrow'),
 ('BET', 'Bethel'),
 ('CDV', 'Cordova')]
In [13]:
iata = %sql select iata, city from airports where iata is not null
In [14]:
results = set(tuple(f) for f in faa) | set(tuple(i) for i in iata)
In [15]:
In [16]:
urls = [(base_url % r[0].lower(), r[1]) for r in results]
In [17]:
  'Columbus / West Point / Starkville'),
  'Fort Hood / Killeen / Temple'),
  'Myrtle Beach'),
In [18]:
import requests
In [19]:
response = requests.get(base_url % 'atl')
In [20]:
<Response [200]>
In [21]:
In [22]:
import time
In [23]:
valid_urls = []
In [24]:
for (url, city) in urls:
    response = requests.get(url)
    if response.status_code == 200:
        valid_urls.append((url, city))
    print(url, city, response.status_code)
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rkd_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Rockland 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gtr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Columbus / West Point / Starkville 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hln_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Helena 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_wrg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Wrangell 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_grk_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fort Hood / Killeen / Temple 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ani_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Aniak 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hts_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Huntington 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_myr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Myrtle Beach 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dro_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Durango 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mtj_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Montrose 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fsm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fort Smith 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_roa_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Roanoke 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rdd_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Redding 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_las_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Las Vegas 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mke_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Milwaukee 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ewb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg New Bedford 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_brd_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Brainerd 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lck_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Columbus 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sjc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg San Jose 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rks_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Rock Springs 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mvy_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Vineyard Haven 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fnt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Flint 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ykm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Yakima 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dbq_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Dubuque 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sea_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Seattle / Tacoma (SeaTac) 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_avp_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Wilkes-Barre / Scranton 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mry_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Monterey 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bis_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Bismarck 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_eug_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Eugene 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gfk_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Grand Forks 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_msn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Madison 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cec_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Crescent City 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lnk_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lincoln 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lbb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lubbock 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_san_closeradar_large_usen.jpg San Diego 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_leb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lebanon 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bgr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Bangor 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bil_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Billings 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rdm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Redmond 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_1g4_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Peach Springs 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_abr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Aberdeen 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ewn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg New Bern 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sux_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Sioux City 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ggg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Longview 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bur_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Burbank 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ase_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Aspen 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_imt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Iron Mountain / Kingsford 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mgw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Morgantown 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_esc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Escanaba 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ord_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Chicago 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_okc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Oklahoma City 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ttn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Trenton 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sck_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Stockton 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ege_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Eagle 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_spi_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Springfield 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_stx_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Christiansted, St. Croix 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_tul_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Tulsa 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_crq_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Carlsbad 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sba_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Santa Barbara 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cic_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Chico 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sna_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Santa Ana 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_env_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Wendover 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gso_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Greensboro 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_crw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Charleston 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_msp_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Minneapolis 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_yum_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Yuma 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gal_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Galena 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_blv_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Belleville 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_abq_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Albuquerque 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hhh_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Hilton Head Island 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ito_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Hilo 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_iad_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Washington, D.C. / Chantilly / Dulles 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_msy_closeradar_large_usen.jpg New Orleans 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_eyw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Key West 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hpn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg White Plains 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dhn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Dothan 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ags_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Augusta 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_jan_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Jackson 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_eko_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Elko 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bhb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Bar Harbor 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pbi_closeradar_large_usen.jpg West Palm Beach 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pir_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Pierre 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lny_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lanai City (Lānaʻi City) 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_xna_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fayetteville 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sit_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Sitka 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lwb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lewisburg 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ida_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Idaho Falls 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sbn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg South Bend 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ind_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Indianapolis 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hsv_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Huntsville 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pln_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Pellston 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pga_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Page 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mlb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Melbourne 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_elm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Elmira / Corning 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lbe_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Latrobe 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fsd_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Sioux Falls 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sgu_closeradar_large_usen.jpg St. George / Beaver 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mkg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Muskegon 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dtw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Detroit / Romulus 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lws_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lewiston 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cha_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Chattanooga 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_alo_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Waterloo 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rfd_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Rockford 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bji_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Bemidji 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gum_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Agana / Tamuning 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sig_closeradar_large_usen.jpg San Juan / Miramar 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dsm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Des Moines 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_koa_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Kailua/Kona 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_aus_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Austin 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_btr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Baton Rouge 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_orf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Norfolk 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bff_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Scottsbluff 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mkk_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Kaunakakai 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bgm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Binghamton 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mgm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Montgomery 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hns_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Haines 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sav_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Savannah 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ciu_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Sault Ste. Marie 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gpt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Gulfport / Biloxi 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ear_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Kearney 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dca_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Washington, D.C. / Arlington County 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_elp_closeradar_large_usen.jpg El Paso 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pvd_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Providence / Warwick 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_guc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Gunnison 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cvg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Covington 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_grb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Green Bay 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bna_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Nashville 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ppg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Pago Pago, Tutuila 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_swf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Newburgh 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_scc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Deadhorse / Prudhoe Bay 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pie_closeradar_large_usen.jpg St. Petersburg 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dlh_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Duluth 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_brw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Barrow 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_act_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Waco 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lan_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lansing 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_inl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg International Falls 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mht_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Manchester 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mem_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Memphis 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pbg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Plattsburgh 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pqi_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Presque Isle 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pib_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Hattiesburg / Laurel 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fll_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fort Lauderdale 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bro_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Brownsville 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_law_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lawton 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_smf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Sacramento 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mqt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Marquette / Gwinn 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pns_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Pensacola 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_azo_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Kalamazoo / Battle Creek 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cos_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Colorado Springs 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rsw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fort Myers 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_vdz_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Valdez 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_syr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Syracuse 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_adq_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Kodiak 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lse_closeradar_large_usen.jpg La Crosse 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rno_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Reno 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_akn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg King Salmon 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_geg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Spokane 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pia_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Peoria 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gcw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Peach Springs 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fmn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Farmington 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cho_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Charlottesville 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_far_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fargo 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cae_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Columbia 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_spn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Obyan, Saipan Island 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hvn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg New Haven 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_alw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Walla Walla 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mso_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Missoula 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bfi_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Seattle 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_clt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Charlotte 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cod_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Cody 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_tol_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Toledo 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cid_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Cedar Rapids 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fai_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fairbanks 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_acy_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Atlantic City 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_phl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Philadelphia 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dlg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Dillingham 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hob_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Hobbs 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mfr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Medford 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mwa_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Marion 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_tys_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Knoxville 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lih_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lihue (Līhuʻe) 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_stl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg St. Louis 200
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_uin_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Quincy 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ipt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Williamsport 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mli_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Moline 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lax_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Los Angeles 200
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fwa_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fort Wayne 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_phx_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Phoenix 200
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gnv_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Gainesville 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ama_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Amarillo 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fat_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fresno 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mbs_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Saginaw 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sgf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Springfield 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bli_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Bellingham 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cpr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Casper 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sps_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Wichita Falls 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_iwa_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Mesa 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_jnu_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Juneau 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rdu_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Raleigh 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_stc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg St. Cloud 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pih_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Pocatello / Arbon Valley 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sdf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Louisville 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_oth_closeradar_large_usen.jpg North Bend 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cys_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Cheyenne 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bvu_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Boulder City 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_jfk_closeradar_large_usen.jpg New York 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hya_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Hyannis 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pwm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Portland 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mlu_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Monroe 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ckb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Clarksburg 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_shd_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Staunton / Waynesboro / Harrisonburg 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sfo_closeradar_large_usen.jpg San Francisco 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_puw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Pullman / Moscow, Idaho 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rhi_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Rhinelander 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_smx_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Santa Maria 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_csg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Columbus 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sju_closeradar_large_usen.jpg San Juan / Carolina 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lgb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Long Beach 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_tpa_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Tampa 200
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lrd_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Laredo 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_wst_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Westerly 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gsp_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Greer 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_atw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Appleton 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_btv_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Burlington 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pvu_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Provo 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cld_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Carlsbad 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_phf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Newport News 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_slc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Salt Lake City 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gck_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Garden City 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cle_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Cleveland 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bfl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Bakersfield 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gtf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Great Falls 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sjt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg San Angelo 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hnh_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Hoonah 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hnl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Honolulu 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ont_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Ontario 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mhk_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Manhattan 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dik_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Dickinson 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hdn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Hayden 404
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http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sat_closeradar_large_usen.jpg San Antonio 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mci_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Kansas City 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_boi_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Boise 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cll_closeradar_large_usen.jpg College Station 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mco_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Orlando 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bqk_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Brunswick 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fca_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Kalispell 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rst_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Rochester 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ecp_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Panama City Beach 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_owb_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Owensboro 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pgv_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Greenville 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mmh_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Mammoth Lakes 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ewr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Newark 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_psg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Petersburg 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_jln_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Joplin 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_buf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Buffalo 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_row_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Roswell 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hrl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Harlingen 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cdv_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Cordova 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pvc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Provincetown 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_chs_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Charleston 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_aza_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Mesa 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_isn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Williston 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_aby_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Albany 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cvx_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Charlevoix 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mod_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Modesto 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_eat_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Wenatchee 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gjt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Grand Junction 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_eau_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Eau Claire 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bos_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Boston 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fhr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Friday Harbor 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_hgr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Hagerstown 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cmx_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Hancock / Calumet 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ksm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg St. Mary's 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sby_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Salisbury 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_flo_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Florence 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rap_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Rapid City 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_riw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Riverton 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fay_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Fayetteville 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lch_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lake Charles 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lmt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Klamath Falls 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ogg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Kahului 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lex_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lexington 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ifp_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Bullhead City 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_vqs_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Vieques 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lga_closeradar_large_usen.jpg New York 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_isp_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Islip 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lar_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Laramie 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gcc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Gillette 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dal_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Dallas 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gsn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Obyan, Saipan Island 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_acv_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Arcata / Eureka 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dfw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Dallas-Fort Worth 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_vld_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Valdosta 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bhm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Birmingham 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_saf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Santa Fe 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_yak_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Yakutat 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lyh_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Lynchburg 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bwi_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Baltimore / Glen Burnie 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cak_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Akron / Canton 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ilm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Wilmington 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sbp_closeradar_large_usen.jpg San Luis Obispo 404
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_avl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Asheville 200
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_gcn_closeradar_large_usen.jpg Grand Canyon / Tusayan 404
In [25]:
In [26]:
with open('valid_600mi_urls.txt', 'w') as outfile:
    for (city, url) in valid_urls:
        outfile.write("%s: %s\n" % (city, url))
In [27]:
!cat valid_600mi_urls.txt
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_las_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Las Vegas
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sea_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Seattle / Tacoma (SeaTac)
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bis_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Bismarck
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bil_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Billings
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ord_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Chicago
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_okc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Oklahoma City
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_crw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Charleston
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_msp_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Minneapolis
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_abq_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Albuquerque
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_jan_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Jackson
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ind_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Indianapolis
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fsd_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Sioux Falls
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mkg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Muskegon
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dtw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Detroit / Romulus
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dsm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Des Moines
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dca_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Washington, D.C. / Arlington County
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bro_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Brownsville
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rno_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Reno
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_geg_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Spokane
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_clt_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Charlotte
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_stl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: St. Louis
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_roc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Rochester
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lax_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Los Angeles
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_phx_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Phoenix
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_atl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Atlanta
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ama_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Amarillo
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_fat_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Fresno
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_cpr_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Casper
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_maf_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Midland
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_oma_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Omaha
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_shv_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Shreveport
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_den_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Denver
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_ric_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Richmond
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pit_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Pittsburgh
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_mia_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Miami
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_pdx_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Portland
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sfo_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: San Francisco
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sju_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: San Juan / Carolina
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_tpa_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Tampa
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lit_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Little Rock
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_tlh_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Tallahassee
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_btv_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Burlington
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_slc_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Salt Lake City
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_sat_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: San Antonio
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_boi_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Boise
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rst_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Rochester
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_chs_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Charleston
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bos_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Boston
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_rap_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Rapid City
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_lex_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Lexington
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_dfw_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Dallas-Fort Worth
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_bhm_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Birmingham
http://image.weather.com/web/radar/us_avl_closeradar_large_usen.jpg: Asheville
In [28]:
%sql select * from airports
city faa iata icao airport role enplanements
ALABAMA None None None None None None
Birmingham BHM BHM KBHM Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport P-S 1,335,014
Dothan DHN DHN KDHN Dothan Regional Airport P-N 48,423
Huntsville HSV HSV KHSV Huntsville International Airport (Carl T. Jones Field) P-S 505,541
Mobile MOB MOB KMOB Mobile Regional Airport P-N 287,661
Montgomery MGM MGM KMGM Montgomery Regional Airport (Dannelly Field) P-N 157,958
ALASKA None None None None None None
Anchorage ANC ANC PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport P-M 2,325,030
Aniak ANI ANI PANI Aniak Airport P-N 14,334
Barrow BRW BRW PABR Wiley Post–Will Rogers Memorial Airport P-N 51,568
Bethel BET BET PABE Bethel Airport (also see Bethel Seaplane Base) P-N 152,084
Cordova CDV CDV PACV Merle K. (Mudhole) Smith Airport P-N 15,772
Deadhorse / Prudhoe Bay SCC SCC PASC Deadhorse Airport (Prudhoe Bay Airport) P-N 48,588
Dillingham DLG DLG PADL Dillingham Airport P-N 26,632
Fairbanks FAI FAI PAFA Fairbanks International Airport P-S 457,372
Galena GAL GAL PAGA Edward G. Pitka Sr. Airport P-N [nb 1] 14,141
Gustavus GST GST PGST Gustavus Airport P-N [nb 2] 14,141
Haines HNS HNS PAHN Haines Airport (also see Haines Seaplane Base) P-N 10,106
Homer HOM HOM PAHO Homer Airport P-N 37,705
Hoonah HNH HNH PAOH Hoonah Airport (also see Hoonah Seaplane Base) P-N [nb 3] 10,468
Juneau JNU JNU PAJN Juneau International Airport P-N 321,573
Kenai ENA ENA PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport P-N 99,821
Ketchikan KTN KTN PAKT Ketchikan International Airport P-N 109,433
King Salmon AKN AKN PAKN King Salmon Airport P-N 35,450
Kodiak ADQ ADQ PADQ Kodiak Airport P-N 79,930
Kotzebue OTZ OTZ PAOT Ralph Wien Memorial Airport P-N 61,274
Nome OME OME PAOM Nome Airport P-N 58,020
Petersburg PSG PSG PAPG Petersburg James A. Johnson Airport P-N 20,046
Sitka SIT SIT PASI Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport P-N 67,989
St. Mary's KSM KSM PASM St. Mary's Airport P-N 13,949
Unalakleet UNK UNK PAUN Unalakleet Airport P-N 14,011
Unalaska DUT DUT PADU Unalaska Airport (Tom Madsen Airport) P-N 28,556
Valdez VDZ VDZ PAVD Valdez Airport (Pioneer Field) P-N 13,318
Wrangell WRG WRG PAWG Wrangell Airport (also see Wrangell Seaplane Base) P-N 11,807
Yakutat YAK YAK PAYA Yakutat Airport (also see Yakutat Seaplane Base) P-N 10,135
ARIZONA None None None None None None
Bullhead City IFP IFP KIFP Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport P-N 109,647
Flagstaff FLG FLG KFLG Flagstaff Pulliam Airport P-N 58,323
Grand Canyon / Tusayan GCN GCN KGCN Grand Canyon National Park Airport P-N 126,364
Mesa IWA AZA KIWA Phoenix–Mesa Gateway Airport P-N 725,048
Page PGA PGA KPGA Page Municipal Airport P-N 25,260
Peach Springs 1G4 GCW None Grand Canyon West Airport P-N 59,846
Phoenix PHX PHX KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport P-L 19,525,829
Tucson TUS TUS KTUS Tucson International Airport P-M 1,570,329
Yuma NYL YUM KNYL Yuma International Airport / MCAS Yuma P-N 78,395
ARKANSAS None None None None None None
Fayetteville XNA XNA KXNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport P-S 558,218
Fort Smith FSM FSM KFSM Fort Smith Regional Airport P-N 82,742
Little Rock LIT LIT KLIT Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (Adams Field) (was Little Rock National) P-S 1,055,608
Texarkana TXK TXK KTXK Texarkana Regional Airport (Webb Field) P-N 32,882
CALIFORNIA None None None None None None
Arcata / Eureka ACV ACV KACV Arcata Airport P-N 56,682
Bakersfield BFL BFL KBFL Meadows Field P-N 143,175
Burbank BUR BUR KBUR Bob Hope Airport P-M 1,919,005
Carlsbad CRQ CLD KCRQ McClellan–Palomar Airport P-N 52,561
Chico CIC CIC KCIC Chico Municipal Airport P-N 16,835
Crescent City CEC CEC KCEC Del Norte County Airport (Jack McNamara Field) P-N 12,136
Fresno FAT FAT KFAT Fresno Yosemite International Airport P-S 684,849
Long Beach LGB LGB KLGB Long Beach Airport (Daugherty Field) P-S 1,438,948
Los Angeles LAX LAX KLAX Los Angeles International Airport P-L 32,427,115
Mammoth Lakes MMH MMH KMMH Mammoth Yosemite Airport P-N [nb 4] 30,970
Modesto MOD MOD KMOD Modesto City–County Airport (Harry Sham Field) P-N 11,310
Monterey MRY MRY KMRY Monterey Regional Airport (was Monterey Peninsula Airport) P-N 205,838
Oakland OAK OAK KOAK Oakland International Airport P-M 4,771,830
Ontario ONT ONT KONT Ontario International Airport P-M 1,970,538
Palm Springs PSP PSP KPSP Palm Springs International Airport P-S 876,428
Redding RDD RDD KRDD Redding Municipal Airport P-N 24,875
Sacramento SMF SMF KSMF Sacramento International Airport P-M 4,255,145
San Diego SAN SAN KSAN San Diego International Airport P-L 8,876,777
San Francisco SFO SFO KSFO San Francisco International Airport P-L 21,706,567
San Jose SJC SJC KSJC Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport P-M 4,317,896
San Luis Obispo SBP SBP KSBP San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (McChesney Field) P-N 135,844
Santa Ana SNA SNA KSNA John Wayne Airport – Orange County (was Orange County Airport) P-M 4,542,376
Santa Barbara SBA SBA KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (Santa Barbara Airport) P-N 365,036
Santa Maria SMX SMX KSMX Santa Maria Public Airport (Capt G. Allan Hancock Field) P-N 51,395
Santa Rosa STS STS KSTS Charles M. Schulz–Sonoma County Airport P-N 113,083
Stockton SCK SCK KSCK Stockton Metropolitan Airport P-N 71,757
COLORADO None None None None None None
Aspen ASE ASE KASE Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (Sardy Field) P-N 208,682
Colorado Springs COS COS KCOS City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport P-S 658,318
Denver DEN DEN KDEN Denver International Airport P-L 25,497,348
Durango DRO DRO KDRO Durango-La Plata County Airport P-N 192,797
Eagle EGE EGE KEGE Eagle County Regional Airport P-N 168,535
Grand Junction GJT GJT KGJT Grand Junction Regional Airport (Walker Field) P-N 211,270
Gunnison GUC GUC KGUC Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport P-N 30,780
Hayden HDN HDN KHDN Yampa Valley Airport (Yampa Valley Regional) P-N 92,184
Montrose MTJ MTJ KMTJ Montrose Regional Airport P-N 84,579
CONNECTICUT None None None None None None
Hartford BDL BDL KBDL Bradley International Airport P-M 2,681,718
New Haven HVN HVN KHVN Tweed New Haven Regional Airport P-N 37,434
FLORIDA None None None None None None
Daytona Beach DAB DAB KDAB Daytona Beach International Airport P-N 293,843
Fort Lauderdale FLL FLL KFLL Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport P-L 11,509,361
Fort Myers RSW RSW KRSW Southwest Florida International Airport P-M 3,789,386
Gainesville GNV GNV KGNV Gainesville Regional Airport P-N 198,388
Jacksonville JAX JAX KJAX Jacksonville International Airport P-M 2,549,712
Key West EYW EYW KEYW Key West International Airport P-S 403,021
Melbourne MLB MLB KMLB Melbourne International Airport P-N 211,702
Miami MIA MIA KMIA Miami International Airport P-L 19,422,275
Orlando MCO MCO KMCO Orlando International Airport P-L 16,885,160
Orlando SFB SFB KSFB Orlando Sanford International Airport P-S 971,522
Panama City Beach ECP ECP KECP Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport [nb 5] P-S 391,893
Pensacola PNS PNS KPNS Pensacola International Airport (Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport) P-S 744,259
Punta Gorda PGD PGD KPGD Punta Gorda Airport (was Charlotte County Airport) P-N 171,121
Sarasota / Bradenton SRQ SRQ KSRQ Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport P-S 595,423
St. Petersburg PIE PIE KPIE St. Petersburg–Clearwater International Airport P-S 514,595
Tallahassee TLH TLH KTLH Tallahassee Regional Airport P-N 336,129
Tampa TPA TPA KTPA Tampa International Airport P-L 8,268,207
Valparaiso VPS VPS KVPS Northwest Florida Regional Airport / Eglin Air Force Base P-N 353,953
West Palm Beach PBI PBI KPBI Palm Beach International Airport P-M 2,848,901
GEORGIA None None None None None None
Albany ABY ABY KABY Southwest Georgia Regional Airport P-N 31,276
Atlanta ATL ATL KATL Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport P-L 45,308,685
Augusta AGS AGS KAGS Augusta Regional Airport (Bush Field) P-N 261,079
Brunswick BQK BQK KBQK Brunswick Golden Isles Airport P-N 32,450
Columbus CSG CSG KCSG Columbus Metropolitan Airport P-N 59,675
Savannah SAV SAV KSAV Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport P-S 798,970
Valdosta VLD VLD KVLD Valdosta Regional Airport P-N 36,814
HAWAII None None None None None None
Hilo ITO ITO PHTO Hilo International Airport P-S 640,411
Honolulu HNL HNL PHNL Honolulu International Airport / Hickam AFB P-L 9,466,995
Kahului OGG OGG PHOG Kahului Airport P-M 2,955,304
Kailua/Kona KOA KOA PHKO Kona International Airport at Keahole P-S 1,376,641
Kaunakakai MKK MKK PHMK Molokai Airport (Molokaʻi Airport) P-N 63,879
Lanai City (Lānaʻi City) LNY LNY PHNY Lanai Airport (Lānaʻi Airport) P-N 47,323
Lihue (Līhuʻe) LIH LIH PHLI Lihue Airport (Līhuʻe Airport) P-S 1,315,141
IDAHO None None None None None None
Boise BOI BOI KBOI Boise Airport (Boise Air Terminal) (Gowen Field) P-S 1,313,741
Hailey SUN SUN KSUN Friedman Memorial Airport P-N 52,393
Idaho Falls IDA IDA KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport (Fanning Field) P-N 147,073
Lewiston LWS LWS KLWS Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport P-N 62,209
Pocatello / Arbon Valley PIH PIH KPIH Pocatello Regional Airport P-N 23,775
Twin Falls TWF TWF KTWF Magic Valley Regional Airport (Joslin Field) P-N 28,601
ILLINOIS None None None None None None
Belleville BLV BLV KBLV MidAmerica St. Louis Airport / Scott Air Force Base P-N 13,542
Bloomington / Normal BMI BMI KBMI Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal P-N 211,957
Champaign / Urbana CMI CMI KCMI University of Illinois - Willard Airport P-N 84,853
Chicago ORD ORD KORD Chicago O'Hare International Airport P-L 32,278,906
Chicago MDW MDW KMDW Chicago Midway International Airport P-L 9,919,985
Marion MWA MWA KMWA Williamson County Regional Airport P-N 11,241
Moline MLI MLI KMLI Quad City International Airport P-N 384,198
Peoria PIA PIA KPIA General Downing - Peoria International Airport P-M 491,000
Quincy UIN UIN KUIN Quincy Regional Airport (Baldwin Field) P-N 10,679
Rockford RFD RFD KRFD Chicago Rockford International Airport P-N 109,384
Springfield SPI SPI KSPI Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport P-N 70,685
INDIANA None None None None None None
Evansville EVV EVV KEVV Evansville Regional Airport P-N 161,279
Fort Wayne FWA FWA KFWA Fort Wayne International Airport P-N 294,968
Indianapolis IND IND KIND Indianapolis International Airport P-M 3,535,579
South Bend SBN SBN KSBN South Bend International Airport (was South Bend Regional) P-N 329,403
IOWA None None None None None None
Cedar Rapids CID CID KCID The Eastern Iowa Airport P-S 520,360
Des Moines DSM DSM KDSM Des Moines International Airport P-S 1,079,189
Dubuque DBQ DBQ KDBQ Dubuque Regional Airport P-N 33,465
Sioux City SUX SUX KSUX Sioux Gateway Airport (Col. Bud Day Field) P-N 25,313
Waterloo ALO ALO KALO Waterloo Regional Airport P-N 20,984
KANSAS None None None None None None
Garden City GCK GCK KGCK Garden City Regional Airport P-N 24,456
Manhattan MHK MHK KMHK Manhattan Regional Airport P-N 65,683
Wichita ICT ICT KICT Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport (formerly Wichita Mid-Continent Airport) P-S 736,220
KENTUCKY None None None None None None
Covington CVG CVG KCVG Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport P-M 2,776,377
Lexington LEX LEX KLEX Blue Grass Airport P-S 539,879
Louisville SDF SDF KSDF Louisville International Airport (Standiford Field) P-S 1,669,470
Owensboro OWB OWB KOWB Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport P-N 21,751
Paducah PAH PAH KPAH Barkley Regional Airport P-N 20,523
LOUISIANA None None None None None None
Alexandria AEX AEX KAEX Alexandria International Airport P-N 183,899
Baton Rouge BTR BTR KBTR Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (Ryan Field) P-S 401,035
Lafayette LFT LFT KLFT Lafayette Regional Airport P-N 233,498
Lake Charles LCH LCH KLCH Lake Charles Regional Airport P-N 65,281
Monroe MLU MLU KMLU Monroe Regional Airport P-N 115,757
New Orleans MSY MSY KMSY Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport P-M 4,577,498
Shreveport SHV SHV KSHV Shreveport Regional Airport P-N 279,897
MAINE None None None None None None
Bangor BGR BGR KBGR Bangor International Airport P-N 265,245
Bar Harbor BHB BHB KBHB Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport P-N 10,625
Portland PWM PWM KPWM Portland International Jetport P-S 837,335
Presque Isle PQI PQI KPQI Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Isle P-N 11,488
Rockland RKD RKD KRKD Knox County Regional Airport P-N 15,724
MARYLAND None None None None None None
Baltimore / Glen Burnie BWI BWI KBWI Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport P-L 11,134,130
Salisbury SBY SBY KSBY Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport P-N 62,670
Hagerstown HGR HGR KHGR Hagerstown Regional Airport (Richard A. Henson Field) P-N 12,941
MASSACHUSETTS None None None None None None
Boston BOS BOS KBOS Gen. Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport P-L 14,721,693
Hyannis HYA HYA KHYA Barnstable Municipal Airport (Boardman/Polando Field) P-N 88,055
Nantucket ACK ACK KACK Nantucket Memorial Airport P-N 184,618
New Bedford EWB EWB KEWB New Bedford Regional Airport P-N 10,604
Provincetown PVC PVC KPVC Provincetown Municipal Airport P-N 11,288
Vineyard Haven MVY MVY KMVY Martha's Vineyard Airport P-N 56,763
MICHIGAN None None None None None None
Alpena APN APN KAPN Alpena County Regional Airport P-N 15,914
Charlevoix CVX CVX KCVX Charlevoix Municipal Airport P-N 16,929
Detroit / Romulus DTW DTW KDTW Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport P-L 15,683,787
Escanaba ESC ESC KESC Delta County Airport P-N 15,110
Flint FNT FNT KFNT Bishop International Airport P-S 398,132
Grand Rapids GRR GRR KGRR Gerald R. Ford International Airport P-S 1,123,257
Hancock / Calumet CMX CMX KCMX Houghton County Memorial Airport P-N 25,312
Iron Mountain / Kingsford IMT IMT KIMT Ford Airport P-N 11,271
Kalamazoo / Battle Creek AZO AZO KAZO Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport P-N 129,211
Lansing LAN LAN KLAN Capital Region International Airport (was Lansing Capital City) P-N 216,925
Marquette / Gwinn SAW MQT KSAW Sawyer International Airport P-N 42,355
Muskegon MKG MKG KMKG Muskegon County Airport P-N 18,020
Pellston PLN PLN KPLN Pellston Regional Airport of Emmet County P-N 27,281
Saginaw MBS MBS KMBS MBS International Airport P-N 120,689
Sault Ste. Marie CIU CIU KCIU Chippewa County International Airport P-N 21,827
Traverse City TVC TVC KTVC Cherry Capital Airport P-N 189,644
MINNESOTA None None None None None None
Bemidji BJI BJI KBJI Bemidji Regional Airport P-N 22,819
Brainerd BRD BRD KBRD Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport P-N 15,654
Duluth DLH DLH KDLH Duluth International Airport P-N 155,455
Hibbing HIB HIB KHIB Range Regional Airport (was Chisholm–Hibbing Airport) P-N 11,669
International Falls INL INL KINL Falls International Airport P-N 15,796
Minneapolis MSP MSP KMSP Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport (Wold–Chamberlain Field) P-L 16,282,038
Rochester RST RST KRST Rochester International Airport P-N 110,104
St. Cloud STC STC KSTC St. Cloud Regional Airport (scheduled passenger service resumed Dec. 2012) P-N 15,842
MISSISSIPPI None None None None None None
Columbus / West Point / Starkville GTR GTR KGTR Golden Triangle Regional Airport P-N 41,140
Gulfport / Biloxi GPT GPT KGPT Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport P-N 369,597
Hattiesburg / Laurel PIB PIB KPIB Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport P-N 10,633
Jackson JAN JAN KJAN Jackson-Evers International Airport P-S 596,045
MISSOURI None None None None None None
Columbia COU COU KCOU Columbia Regional Airport P-N 45,714
Joplin JLN JLN KJLN Joplin Regional Airport P-N 23,329
Kansas City MCI MCI KMCI Kansas City International Airport P-M 4,836,221
Springfield SGF SGF KSGF Springfield-Branson National Airport P-N 368,752
St. Louis STL STL KSTL Lambert-St. Louis International Airport P-M 6,213,972
MONTANA None None None None None None
Billings BIL BIL KBIL Billings Logan International Airport P-S 387,368
Bozeman BZN BZN KBZN Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (was Gallatin Field Airport) P-S 442,788
Butte BTM BTM KBTM Bert Mooney Airport P-N 29,490
Great Falls GTF GTF KGTF Great Falls International Airport P-N 182,390
Helena HLN HLN KHLN Helena Regional Airport P-N 97,310
Kalispell GPI FCA KGPI Glacier Park International Airport P-N 199,701
Missoula MSO MSO KMSO Missoula International Airport P-N 298,253
NEBRASKA None None None None None None
Grand Island GRI GRI KGRI Central Nebraska Regional Airport P-N 57,165
Kearney EAR EAR KEAR Kearney Regional Airport (was Kearney Municipal) P-N 13,096
Lincoln LNK LNK KLNK Lincoln Airport (was Lincoln Municipal) P-N 138,787
Omaha OMA OMA KOMA Eppley Airfield P-M 1,977,480
Scottsbluff BFF BFF KBFF Western Nebraska Regional Airport (William B. Heilig Field) P-N 10,155
NEVADA None None None None None None
Boulder City BVU BLD KBVU Boulder City Municipal Airport P-N 103,972
Elko EKO EKO KEKO Elko Regional Airport (J.C. Harris Field) P-N 19,510
Las Vegas LAS LAS KLAS McCarran International Airport P-L 19,923,594
Reno RNO RNO KRNO Reno/Tahoe International Airport P-S 1,672,139
NEW HAMPSHIRE None None None None None None
Lebanon LEB LEB KLEB Lebanon Municipal Airport P-N 10,953
Manchester MHT MHT KMHT Manchester-Boston Regional Airport P-S 1,190,082
NEW JERSEY None None None None None None
Atlantic City ACY ACY KACY Atlantic City International Airport P-S 534,204
Trenton TTN TTN KTTN Trenton Mercer Airport P-N 148,256
Newark EWR EWR KEWR Newark Liberty International Airport P-L 17,514,139
NEW MEXICO None None None None None None
Albuquerque ABQ ABQ KABQ Albuquerque International Sunport P-M 2,477,960
Farmington FMN FMN KFMN Four Corners Regional Airport P-N 14,263
Hobbs HOB HOB KHOB Lea County Regional Airport P-N 17,246
Roswell ROW ROW KROW Roswell International Air Center P-N 32,616
Santa Fe SAF SAF KSAF Santa Fe Municipal Airport (scheduled passenger service resumed 2009) P-N 65,845
NEW YORK None None None None None None
Albany ALB ALB KALB Albany International Airport P-S 1,196,753
Binghamton BGM BGM KBGM Greater Binghamton Airport (Edwin A. Link Field) P-N 95,210
Buffalo BUF BUF KBUF Buffalo Niagara International Airport P-M 2,568,018
Elmira / Corning ELM ELM KELM Elmira/Corning Regional Airport P-N 129,749
Islip ISP ISP KISP Long Island MacArthur Airport P-S 662,612
Ithaca ITH ITH KITH Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport P-N 103,722
New York JFK JFK KJFK John F. Kennedy International Airport P-L 25,036,855
New York LGA LGA KLGA LaGuardia Airport (and Marine Air Terminal) P-L 13,353,365
Newburgh SWF SWF KSWF Stewart International Airport P-N 163,815
Niagara Falls IAG IAG KIAG Niagara Falls International Airport P-N 98,958
Plattsburgh PBG PBG KPBG Plattsburgh International Airport P-N 151,235
Rochester ROC ROC KROC Greater Rochester International Airport P-S 1,209,532
Syracuse SYR SYR KSYR Syracuse Hancock International Airport P-S 991,663
Watertown ART ART KART Watertown International Airport P-N 18,818
White Plains HPN HPN KHPN Westchester County Airport P-S 770,550
NORTH CAROLINA None None None None None None
Asheville AVL AVL KAVL Asheville Regional Airport P-N 342,731
Charlotte CLT CLT KCLT Charlotte/Douglas International Airport P-L 21,347,428
Fayetteville FAY FAY KFAY Fayetteville Regional Airport (Grannis Field) P-N 244,345
Greensboro GSO GSO KGSO Piedmont Triad International Airport P-S 860,124
Greenville PGV PGV KPGV Pitt-Greenville Airport P-N 60,020
Jacksonville OAJ OAJ KOAJ Albert J. Ellis Airport P-N 167,528
New Bern EWN EWN KEWN Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (was Craven County Regional) P-N 121,479
Raleigh RDU RDU KRDU Raleigh-Durham International Airport P-M 4,482,973
Wilmington ILM ILM KILM Wilmington International Airport P-S 397,737
NORTH DAKOTA None None None None None None
Bismarck BIS BIS KBIS Bismarck Municipal Airport P-N 238,929
Dickinson DIK DIK KDIK Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport P-N 34,979
Fargo FAR FAR KFAR Hector International Airport P-S 403,786
Grand Forks GFK GFK KGFK Grand Forks International Airport P-N 148,663
Minot MOT MOT KMOT Minot International Airport P-N 220,787
Williston ISN ISN KISN Sloulin Field International Airport P-N 96,078
OHIO None None None None None None
Akron / Canton CAK CAK KCAK Akron-Canton Regional Airport P-S 852,332
Cleveland CLE CLE KCLE Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport P-M 4,375,822
Columbus CMH CMH KCMH Port Columbus International Airport P-M 3,065,569
Columbus LCK LCK KLCK Rickenbacker International Airport P-N 17,765
Dayton DAY DAY KDAY James M. Cox Dayton International Airport P-S 1,244,841
Toledo TOL TOL KTOL Toledo Express Airport P-N 86,221
Youngstown / Warren YNG YNG KYNG Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport / Youngstown ARS P-N 47,518
OKLAHOMA None None None None None None
Lawton LAW LAW KLAW Lawton–Fort Sill Regional Airport P-N 55,526
Oklahoma City OKC OKC KOKC Will Rogers World Airport P-S 1,790,407
Tulsa TUL TUL KTUL Tulsa International Airport P-S 1,323,943
OREGON None None None None None None
Eugene EUG EUG KEUG Eugene Airport (Mahlon Sweet Field) P-S 434,095
Klamath Falls LMT LMT KLMT Klamath Falls Airport (Kingsley Field) P-N 13,433
Medford MFR MFR KMFR Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport P-N 306,450
North Bend OTH OTH KOTH Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (was North Bend Municipal) P-N 16,864
Portland PDX PDX KPDX Portland International Airport P-L 7,453,098
Redmond RDM RDM KRDM Redmond Municipal Airport (Roberts Field) P-N 236,303
PENNSYLVANIA None None None None None None
Allentown ABE ABE KABE Lehigh Valley International Airport P-N 301,969
Erie ERI ERI KERI Erie International Airport (Tom Ridge Field) P-N 109,520
Harrisburg / Middletown MDT MDT KMDT Harrisburg International Airport P-S 657,650
Latrobe LBE LBE KLBE Arnold Palmer Regional Airport P-N 127,040
Philadelphia PHL PHL KPHL Philadelphia International Airport P-L 14,705,014
Pittsburgh PIT PIT KPIT Pittsburgh International Airport P-M 3,813,007
State College UNV SCE KUNV University Park Airport P-N 131,220
Wilkes-Barre / Scranton AVP AVP KAVP Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport P-N 216,536
Williamsport IPT IPT KIPT Williamsport Regional Airport P-N 23,371
RHODE ISLAND None None None None None None
Providence / Warwick PVD PVD KPVD Theodore Francis Green State Airport P-M 1,951,566
Westerly WST WST KWST Westerly State Airport P-N 11,402
SOUTH CAROLINA None None None None None None
Charleston CHS CHS KCHS Charleston International Airport / Charleston AFB P-S 1,470,901
Columbia CAE CAE KCAE Columbia Metropolitan Airport P-S 487,180
Florence FLO FLO KFLO Florence Regional Airport P-N 59,894
Greer GSP GSP KGSP Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (Roger Milliken Field) P-S 917,937
Hilton Head Island HXD HHH KHXD Hilton Head Airport P-N 58,704
Myrtle Beach MYR MYR KMYR Myrtle Beach International Airport P-S 823,294
SOUTH DAKOTA None None None None None None
Aberdeen ABR ABR KABR Aberdeen Regional Airport P-N 20,089
Pierre PIR PIR KPIR Pierre Regional Airport P-N 14,686
Rapid City RAP RAP KRAP Rapid City Regional Airport P-N 284,126
Sioux Falls FSD FSD KFSD Sioux Falls Regional Airport (Joe Foss Field) P-N 355,939
TENNESSEE None None None None None None
Bristol / Johnson City / Kingsport TRI TRI KTRI Tri-Cities Regional Airport (Tri-Cities Regional TN/VA) P-N 202,114
Chattanooga CHA CHA KCHA Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (Lovell Field) P-N 292,830
Knoxville TYS TYS KTYS McGhee Tyson Airport P-S 804,917
Memphis MEM MEM KMEM Memphis International Airport P-M 4,930,935
Nashville BNA BNA KBNA Nashville International Airport (Berry Field) P-M 4,432,527
TEXAS None None None None None None
Abilene ABI ABI KABI Abilene Regional Airport P-N 73,605
Amarillo AMA AMA KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport P-S 394,593
Austin AUS AUS KAUS Austin-Bergstrom International Airport P-M 4,201,136
Beaumont / Port Arthur BPT BPT KBPT Jack Brooks Regional Airport (was Southeast Texas Regional) P-N 17,394
Brownsville BRO BRO KBRO Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport P-N 84,401
College Station CLL CLL KCLL Easterwood Airport (Easterwood Field) P-N 72,188
Corpus Christi / Kingsville CRP CRP KCRP Corpus Christi International Airport P-S 339,193
Dallas DAL DAL KDAL Dallas Love Field P-M 3,783,407
Dallas-Fort Worth DFW DFW KDFW Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport P-L 27,100,656
Del Rio DRT DRT KDRT Del Rio International Airport P-N 13,180
El Paso ELP ELP KELP El Paso International Airport P-S 1,509,093
Fort Hood / Killeen / Temple GRK GRK KGRK Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport / Robert Gray Army Airfield P-N 243,861
Harlingen HRL HRL KHRL Valley International Airport P-S 373,438
Houston IAH IAH KIAH George Bush Intercontinental Airport P-L 19,528,631
Houston HOU HOU KHOU William P. Hobby Airport P-M 4,357,835
Laredo LRD LRD KLRD Laredo International Airport P-N 112,520
Longview GGG GGG KGGG East Texas Regional Airport P-N 21,830
Lubbock LBB LBB KLBB Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport P-S 508,858
McAllen MFE MFE KMFE McAllen-Miller International Airport (McAllen Miller International) P-S 344,302
Midland MAF MAF KMAF Midland International Airport P-S 445,043
San Angelo SJT SJT KSJT San Angelo Regional Airport (Mathis Field) P-N 56,021
San Antonio SAT SAT KSAT San Antonio International Airport P-M 3,916,320
Tyler TYR TYR KTYR Tyler Pounds Regional Airport P-N 74,357
Waco ACT ACT KACT Waco Regional Airport P-N 61,401
Wichita Falls SPS SPS KSPS Wichita Falls Municipal Airport / Sheppard Air Force Base P-N 44,296
UTAH None None None None None None
Provo PVU PVU KPVU Provo Municipal Airport (14,858 enplanements in 2011)[1] P-N [nb 6] 1,124
Salt Lake City SLC SLC KSLC Salt Lake City International Airport P-L 9,910,493
St. George / Beaver SGU SGU KSGU St. George Municipal Airport (opened 2011) P-N [nb 7] 37,596
Wendover ENV ENV KENV Wendover Airport (charter flights) P-N [nb 8] 50,734
VERMONT None None None None None None
Burlington BTV BTV KBTV Burlington International Airport P-S 640,790
VIRGINIA None None None None None None
Charlottesville CHO CHO KCHO Charlottesville–Albemarle Airport P-N 197,776
Lynchburg LYH LYH KLYH Lynchburg Regional Airport (Preston Glenn Field) P-N 93,772
Newport News PHF PHF KPHF Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport P-S 519,906
Norfolk ORF ORF KORF Norfolk International Airport P-S 1,663,294
Richmond RIC RIC KRIC Richmond International Airport (Byrd Field) P-S 1,651,131
Roanoke ROA ROA KROA Roanoke Regional Airport (Woodrum Field) P-N 316,478
Staunton / Waynesboro / Harrisonburg SHD SHD KSHD Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport P-N [nb 9] 10,408
Washington, D.C. / Arlington County DCA DCA KDCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport P-L 8,736,804
Washington, D.C. / Chantilly / Dulles IAD IAD KIAD Washington Dulles International Airport P-L 11,276,481
WASHINGTON None None None None None None
Bellingham BLI BLI KBLI Bellingham International Airport P-N 398,368
Friday Harbor FHR FRD KFHR Friday Harbor Airport P-N 12,381
Pasco PSC PSC KPSC Tri-Cities Airport P-N 312,915
Port Angeles CLM CLM KCLM William R. Fairchild International Airport P-N 10,616
Pullman / Moscow, Idaho PUW PUW KPUW Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport P-N 35,248
Seattle BFI BFI KBFI King County International Airport (Boeing Field) P-N 33,656
Seattle / Tacoma (SeaTac) SEA SEA KSEA Seattle–Tacoma International Airport P-L 15,406,243
Spokane GEG GEG KGEG Spokane International Airport (Geiger Field) P-S 1,545,115
Walla Walla ALW ALW KALW Walla Walla Regional Airport P-N 29,064
Wenatchee EAT EAT KEAT Pangborn Memorial Airport P-N 46,837
Yakima YKM YKM KYKM Yakima Air Terminal (McAllister Field) P-N 53,832
WEST VIRGINIA None None None None None None
Charleston CRW CRW KCRW Yeager Airport P-N 264,818
Clarksburg CKB CKB KCKB North Central West Virginia Airport (was Harrison-Marion Regional) P-N 10,694
Huntington HTS HTS KHTS Tri-State Airport (Milton J. Ferguson Field) P-N 115,263
Lewisburg LWB LWB KLWB Greenbrier Valley Airport P-N [nb 10] 12,293
Morgantown MGW MGW KMGW Morgantown Municipal Airport (Walter L. Bill Hart Field) P-N 11,249
WISCONSIN None None None None None None
Appleton ATW ATW KATW Outagamie County Regional Airport P-N 259,340
Eau Claire EAU EAU KEAU Chippewa Valley Regional Airport P-N 18,762
Green Bay GRB GRB KGRB Austin Straubel International Airport P-S 410,348
La Crosse LSE LSE KLSE La Crosse Regional Airport P-N 111,462
Madison MSN MSN KMSN Dane County Regional Airport (Truax Field) P-S 728,075
Milwaukee MKE MKE KMKE General Mitchell International Airport P-M 3,861,333
Wausau CWA CWA KCWA Central Wisconsin Airport P-N 154,312
Rhinelander RHI RHI KRHI Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport P-N 26,193
WYOMING None None None None None None
Casper CPR CPR KCPR Casper/Natrona County International Airport P-N 74,167
Cheyenne CYS CYS KCYS Cheyenne Regional Airport (Jerry Olson Field) P-N 16,697
Cody COD COD KCOD Yellowstone Regional Airport P-N 25,863
Gillette GCC GCC KGCC Gillette-Campbell County Airport P-N 28,232
Jackson JAC JAC KJAC Jackson Hole Airport P-N 305,566
Laramie LAR LAR KLAR Laramie Regional Airport P-N 10,371
Riverton RIW RIW KRIW Riverton Regional Airport P-N 17,035
Rock Springs RKS RKS KRKS Rock Springs – Sweetwater County Airport P-N 25,541
Sheridan SHR SHR KSHR Sheridan County Airport P-N 17,710
AMERICAN SAMOA None None None None None None
Pago Pago, Tutuila PPG PPG NSTU Pago Pago International Airport P-N 49,479
GUAM None None None None None None
Agana / Tamuning GUM GUM PGUM Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport P-S 1,488,187
NORTHERN MARIANAS None None None None None None
Obyan, Saipan Island GSN SPN PGSN Saipan International Airport (Francisco C. Ada) P-S 448,177
Rota Island GRO ROP PGRO Rota International Airport P-N 10,092
PUERTO RICO None None None None None None
Aguadilla BQN BQN TJBQ Rafael Hernández International Airport P-N 240,270
Ponce PSE PSE TJPS Mercedita International Airport P-N 110,159
San Juan / Carolina SJU SJU TJSJ Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport P-M 4,635,798
San Juan / Miramar SIG SIG TJIG Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (Isla Grande Airport) P-N [nb 11] 13,837
Vieques VQS VQS TJVQ Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport P-N 21,517
U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS None None None None None None
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas STT STT TIST Cyril E. King Airport P-S 593,589
Christiansted, St. Croix STX STX TISX Henry E. Rohlsen Airport P-N 169,665
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