Software Resources

In the process of developing this course I have used the following open source programs:

  • IPython (versions 3.1)
    • Notebook to develop all the software and documentation.
    • NBConvert to make slides, convert to LaTeX, and create pdfs.
  • Dami├ín Avila's IPython extension for spell checking
  • Audacity (version 2.05)
    • Used to record all the audio files.
  • Openshot (version 1.4.3)
    • Used to edit the videos.
  • GTK UVC (version 1.7.1-1)
    • Used to record most of the video files.
  • LibreOffice (version
    • Writer to develop the original version of my lecture notes.
    • Calc to develop the spreadsheet homework assignments.
    • Draw to create illustrations for the slideshows.
  • Shutter (version 0.90.1)
    • Used for quick screen captures.
  • Gummi (version 0.6.5)
    • For editing LaTeX files and creating pdfs.
  • Ubuntu (version 14.04)
    • The opensource operating system in which I was able to quickly find and install most of the software listed above.
    • Firefox, used to view IPython Notebooks.
    • Chrome, used to view IPython Notebooks.
    • Chromium, used to view IPython Notebooks.

I also used the free resources available from the following web sites:

  • GitHub: For version control an online hosting of the slideshows, notebook files, and audio files.
  • YouTube: For hosting the video files in a variety of formats to allow for easy streaming.
  • Imgur: For hosting image files.
  • NBViewer: For displaying static versions of the notebooks hosted on GitHub.

To the best of my knowledge, this is a complete list of all the software I used in the development of this course. They are listed in relative importance to my work-flow, but all have been critical are one point or another. Thanks to all the hard work of these software developers, I have been able to do my job with relative ease.

Previously Used Programs in Other Course Development

  • Blender (version 2.69)
    • Used to render some of the more complicated 3D images.
  • InkScape (version 0.91)
    • Used to create some of the diagrams in the slideshows.
  • GIMP (version 2.8.10)
    • Used for some image conversion.