Title of notebook

You may want to append "with Emukit" to the title


In [1]:
# General imports and parameters of figures should be loaded at the beginning of the overview

### General imports
%matplotlib inline
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib import colors as mcolors

### --- Figure config
colors = dict(mcolors.BASE_COLORS, **mcolors.CSS4_COLORS)

Describe here the purpose and goal of the notebook. Notebooks can be used to:

  1. Introduce some UQ topic, e.g, optimization, quadrature, etc. Titles of these general purpose notebooks should finish with 'with Emukit'.
  2. Describe an advanced feature of a topic.
  3. Illustrate a particular functionality of Emukit.

Notebooks should be self-contained but if they are of type 2 or 3 they can/must link to some background topic of type 1.

The overview must start with the general imports and plots configuration

The overview section must finish with a Navigation that links to the main sections of the notebook

1. Section 1

In [2]:
# Specific imports that are used in a section should be loaded at the beginning of that section.
# It is ok if an import is repeated multiple times over the notebook

import GPy
In [3]:
### Body of the section here

Due to a certain issue blockquotes cannot immediately follow code blocks, so make sure there is some text between a code block and a note. As soon as nbsphinx is updated with the fix this can be relaxed.

Note: Important notes in the text can be added like that

notes can be multiline

Links to references done like that: [Kennedy and O'Hagan, 2000], the full reference should be included at the end of the notebook.

2. Section 2

In [4]:
### Body of the section here

More section content

3. Conclusions

4. References

  • Kennedy, M.C. and O'Hagan, A., 2000. Predicting the output from a complex computer code when fast approximations are available. Biometrika, 87(1), pp.1-13.