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Cleaning pdb files

Many pdb files have extraneous information and often do not conform to file standards. You may have to “clean” your pdb file before loading it into PyRosetta. You can do this through a variety of methods.

  • From within a UNIX shell:

grep "^ATOM" 1ABC.pdb > 1ABC.clean.pdb

  • From within a DOS shell:

findstr /b "ATOM" 1ABC.pdb > 1ABC.clean.pdb

  • Using a PyRosetta toolbox method cleanATOM

from pyrosetta.toolbox import cleanATOM cleanATOM("1YY8.pdb")

In this example, the toolbox method cleanATOM will create a file called 1YY8.clean.pdb, with all non-ATOM lines removed. Warning: this method will overwrite any other files of the same name in its directory. All of these methods will remove all lines that do not begin with ATOM in the pdb file and create a new “clean” pdb file named 1ABC.clean.pdb.

One could also easily write a script to clean multiple pdb files at once. Here is an example Bash (UNIX shell) script that will clean all pdb files in a single directory:

#!/bin/sh for pdbfile in *.pdb do echo "cleaning $pdbfile..." grep ^ATOM $pdbfile > ${pdbfile%.pdb}.clean.pdb done

If after cleaning a pdb file, PyRosetta still gives errors, you might use your text editor to open the pdb file and edit or remove the offending data lines manually.

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