This notebook contains material from PyRosetta; content is available on Github.

Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting Tips

Q1: I went through the setup instructions, but importing PyRosetta causes an error.

Few things you could try:

  • Make sure that you ran every cell in the PyRosetta Google Drive Setup notebook (Chapter 1.01) before importing PyRosetta.

  • Make sure that you installed the correct version of PyRosetta. It has to be the Linux version or it won't work. If you did happen to use an incorrect version, just delete the wrong PyRosetta package from your Google Drive, upload the correct one, delete the prefix folder, and try running Chapter 1.01 again.

  • Make sure that the directory tree is correct. The PyRosetta folder should be in the top directory in your Google Drive, as well as the notebooks or student-notebooks folder. Your notebooks, including Chapter 01.01 should reside in either notebooks or student-notebooks.

Q2: The make-student-nb.bash script doesn't work.

This script automatically synchronizes the notebooks and student-notebooks folders. All changes should be made in notebooks. The script relies on the nbgrader module and the nbpages module. Make sure you've installed these before running the script (you might even have to update these modules).

If you just want to update the Table of Contents or Keywords files, you can just use the nbpages command alone.

If nbgrader is the problem, you might have to run the command: nbgrader update .

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