Python Programming for Economics and Finance

This website presents a set of lectures on Python programming for economics and finance, designed and written by Thomas J. Sargent and John Stachurski. This is the first text in the series, which focuses on programming in Python.

New Build System

QuantEcon is moving to the Jupyter Book build system for all of its projects. We are a founding member of the Executable Books Project, an international collaboration to build open source tools that facilitate publishing using the Jupyter ecosystem. Please send feedback to [email protected]


Tom Sargent, Chase Coleman, and Spencer Lyon have put together The NYU Computational Social Science: Certificate Program. It uses many quantecon resources. The program aims to prepare students for either a graduate program in the social sciences or for a career as a data analyst or computational social scientist.

Applications and additional information are available here

For an overview of the series, see this page

Introduction to Python

The Scientific Libraries

Advanced Python Programming