CST Data Processing Notebook

This notebook pre-process the post-translational modification (PTM, obtained from Cell Signaling Technology and gene expression data (obtained from the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia for a set of lung cancer cell lines. This processed data will be visualized in the CST_Data_Viz.ipynb notebook.

In [1]:
from clustergrammer_widget import *
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
net = Network(clustergrammer_widget)

Load Quantile Normalized PTM Data

After performing quantile normalization (referred to in previous scripts as improve quantile normalization, iqn) we still have PTMs with many missing values and we will filter out PTMs with too many (> 7 missing) missing values here.

In [2]:
# load quantile normalized PTM data
filename = '../lung_cellline_3_1_16/lung_cl_all_ptm/precalc_processed/ptmCCLE_col-iqn.txt'

# filter out ptms that have more than seven measurements
net.filter_threshold('row', threshold=0, num_occur=30)

# normalize PTMs across all cell lines 
net.normalize(axis='row', norm_type='zscore', keep_orig=False)

(1730, 37)
In [3]:
# net.cluster(views=[])
# net.widget()

Add PTM Categories

The above data includes phosphorylation, methylation, and acetylation. Here we will add categories to the PTMs to highlight these different PTM types.

In [4]:
ptm_proc = net.export_df()
rows = ptm_proc.index.tolist()
In [5]:
# add PTM type as a category
row_cats = []
for inst_row in rows:
    inst_cat = 'Data-Type: ' + inst_row.split('_')[1].split('_')[0]
    row_cats.append( (inst_row, inst_cat) )

ptm_proc.index = row_cats    
In [6]:

Expression Data

Here we will load lung cell gene expression data obtained from the CCLE, filter, normalize, add categories, and merge with the PTM data obtained from CST.

In [7]:
filename = '../lung_cellline_3_1_16/lung_cl_all_ptm/precalc_processed/CCLE_CST_lung.txt'
In [8]:
# keep the top 1000 variable genes across the cell lines
net.filter_N_top('row', 1000, 'var')
net.normalize(axis='row', norm_type='zscore', keep_orig=False)

# set max abs-val of any expression Z-score to 10
# we do not care about extreme outliers
# net.dat['mat'] = np.clip(net.dat['mat'], -10, 10)
(1000, 37)
In [9]:

Add Gene Expression Category

Here we will add the gene expression category to our gene expression data so that we will be able to identify this data when it is merged with the PTM data.

In [10]:
ccle = net.export_df()
exp_rows = ccle.index.tolist()

exp_row_cats = []
for inst_row in exp_rows:
    exp_row_cats.append( (inst_row, 'Data-Type: Exp') )
ccle.index = exp_row_cats

Merge PTM and Gene Expression Data

Here we will merge the gene expression and PTM data into one DataFrame.

In [11]:
merge_df = ptm_proc.append(ccle)
(2730, 37)
In [12]:

Add Cell Line Categories

Here we will add cell line categories, which include: gender, histology, and mutation status.

In [13]:
cols = merge_df.columns.tolist()

# load cell line information from json 
cl_info = net.load_json_to_dict('../cell_line_info/cell_line_info_dict.json')
In [14]:
col_cats = []
for inst_col in cols:
    inst_info = cl_info[inst_col]
    inst_tuple = ('Cell Line: '+inst_col,)
    inst_tuple = inst_tuple + ( 'Histology: '+inst_info['Histology'] ,)
    inst_tuple = inst_tuple + ( 'Sub-Histology: '+inst_info['Sub-Histology'] ,)
    for inst_mut in ['mut-TP53', 'mut-EGFR', 'mut-RB1', 'mut-KRAS']:
        inst_string = inst_mut+ ': ' + str(inst_info[inst_mut])
        inst_tuple = inst_tuple + (inst_string,)

merge_df.columns = col_cats    
ptm_proc.columns = col_cats
ccle.columns = col_cats
In [15]:
merge_df.to_csv('../lung_cellline_3_1_16/lung_cl_all_ptm/precalc_processed/CST_CCLE_merge.txt', sep='\t')
ptm_proc.to_csv('../lung_cellline_3_1_16/lung_cl_all_ptm/precalc_processed/CST_CCLE_ptm.txt', sep='\t')
ccle.to_csv('../lung_cellline_3_1_16/lung_cl_all_ptm/precalc_processed/CST_CCLE_exp.txt', sep='\t')

Check CST_CCLE_merge

In [16]:
In [17]:
# net.load_file('../lung_cellline_3_1_16/lung_cl_all_ptm/precalc_processed/CST_CCLE_ptm.txt')
# net.cluster(views=[])
# net.widget()

Save Specific Data Type Subsets

Here we will save data-type specific files. These files how contain row and column categories.

In [18]:
for inst_type in ['phospho', 'Rme1', 'Kme1', 'Exp', 'AcK']:
    df = net.export_df()
    df = df.transpose()

    genes = df.columns.tolist()
    genes = [i for i in genes if i[1] == 'Data-Type: ' + inst_type]
    df = df[genes]
    df = df.transpose()
    df.to_csv('../lung_cellline_3_1_16/lung_cl_all_ptm/precalc_processed/CST_CCLE_'+ inst_type + '.txt', sep='\t')
(1085, 37)
(368, 37)
(51, 37)
(1000, 37)
(226, 37)