This demonstration shows some common tricks in image comparision -- difference view

People with MATLAB experiences would miss the function imshowpair, but in JuliaImages it is not that indispensable.

In [1]:
using Images
using TestImages

img = float.(testimage("cameraman"))
# rotate img by 4 degrees and keep axes unchanged
img_r = imrotate(img, -pi/45, axes(img))

mosaicview is a convenience tool to show multiple images, especially useful when they have different sizes and colors.

In [2]:
mosaicview(img, img_r; nrow=1, npad=20, fillvalue=colorant"white")

In some cases, when the differences of two images are relative insignificant, a plain substraction can help amplify the difference.

In [3]:
plain_diffview = @. img - img_r

For gray images, a fancy trick is to fill each image into different RGB channels and make a RGB view

In [4]:
RGB_diffview = colorview(RGB, channelview(img), channelview(img_r), fill(0., size(img)))

or convert the RGB view back to Gray image after that

In [5]:
Gray_diffview = Gray.(RGB_diffview)

mosaicview(plain_diffview, RGB_diffview, Gray_diffview;
           nrow=1, npad=20, fillvalue=colorant"white")