Name Notebooks Description
4cf8b490a74ec1d7aee083b72c40c61a bandit.ipynb A Jupyter Notebook taking a look at the multi-armed bandit problem. Blog post here:
79b61a107205a90b3660bb4649fb2672 march.ipynb The code for my analysis comparing the Women's March and Tea Party.
ed54ed0586f224544c5ad83763cb7267 congress.ipynb Code for post looking at midterm 2018 prospects in House and Senate.
7fd45ee595e6c0617c01fffc5417ebc5 voting_wisconsin.ipynb Code for my blog post looking at a variety of ways to visualize presidential election results.
51fc1a497d03005a05197bea53bf0cc3 oecd_services_1990_2010.ipynb A notebook looking at the relationship between social services spending and health outcomes across the OECD:
fbda754b145dbdcf3c7c266228db51af gbd_stacked.ipynb IPython notebook exploring some additions to the Global Burden of Disease Study.
6fe0c7c8025becc285631346afff6dee explore-individuals.ipynb A further analysis of the IGM Experts forum data, focusing on individual characteristics.
663b75d178eeb0e6bc0aff69e0ad7208 explore.ipynb Code for scraping and exploring data from the IGM Experts Forum.