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# You can manually set the subaxes and exceed the axes ranges.
# The width of the regular axes can be modified by a size paramater.
# While most axes do not have a size parameter, it can be added to
# any existing axis very easily. For linear axes so called sizedlinear
# and autosizedlinear axes are defined by PyX already.

from pyx import *

subaxes = [graph.axis.linear(max=1),
           graph.axis.sizedlinear(size=3, min=0, max=3)]

g = graph.graphxy(width=8, y=graph.axis.split(subaxes=subaxes))
g.plot(["shift.dat", x=1, y="i, $(i+2)", context={"i": i})
        for i in range(3)], [])
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