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  • Ariella Gladstein - @agladstein : population genetics, biology, high performance computing, programming
  • Blake Joyce - @bjoyce3 : biology, genetics, ecology, python, cyber infrastructure, docker
  • Marnee Dearnman - @MarneeDear : python, F#, functional programming, .NET
  • Julian Pistorius - @julianpistorius : python, data streaming with kafka,
  • Heather Lent - @hclent : natural language processing, machine learning, python, scala
  • Uwe Hilgert @uhilgert: STEM training, software carpentry, data carpentry, education



  • Project managment for Bisque
  • Binary, bit arrays, etc
  • Agriculture ODIN grammar

Project managment for Bisque

  • Blake worked on project management for Bisque

Binary, bit arrays, etc

  • Ariella and Julian discussed approaches for Ariella's work using bit arrays

Agriculture ODIN grammar

  • Heather reviewed failing tests for her ODIN grammar

Software Carpentry

  • Blake, Uwe, and Heather discussed 2 upcomming SC events
    • The SC happening Aug 26th and 27th
    • The SC happening September 9th and 10th for Human Language Technology (HLT)
  • Discussed use of Google forms for application, and the questions that should go there
  • Discussed collaboration for SC for digital humanities
  • Discussed details for HLT SC workshop


  • I didn't catch what @MarneeDear was working on :'( Someone please update these meeting notes!