Workshops : supported technical environment

Preparation of a technical environment that will be supported in Montréal-Python's workshops.


These short instructions will able you to setup a fully functional and performant Python developer workstation on Ubuntu or Debian.

We strongly recommand to have this workstation setup for all Montréal-Python's workshop because :

  • the technical support in the workshops will be guaranteed for Ubuntu or Debian based Linux station

If you want to have fun with the code in Montréal-Python workshops without loosing your time with configuring your machine, offer yourself a development environment where Python is a first class citizen. Otherwise, come a bit earlier at the workshop, we'll help you set it up. It's simple. It's powerful.


  • None


  • Install VirtualBox on your machine
  • Install Ubuntu in VirtualBox


You're on Mac OS X or Windows? You don't already have a Linux distribution as a developer workstation? You can install one on your computer without interferring with your normal operating system. To do this, you'll install a virtual machine managed by Oracle VM VirtualBox software.

  1. Download the appropriate version of Virtualbox according to your operating system [approx. 100 Mb] :
    (see "VirtualBox platform packages" bullet ; Windows host or OS X host for Mac)

  2. Install VirtualBox


Ubuntu is a Linux operating system based on Debian. Python is a first class citizen there. We prepared you a ready-to-install Ubuntu shipped with everything needed to make Python development. Let's download now these Ubuntu sources and install Ubuntu in the Virtualbox.

2- Download the appropriate Ubuntu image at the following url: [1,7 Go]

  • 32bit or 64bit? to verify on Windows : si the machine's properties (right-clic on My Computer icon, Properties)
  • 32bit or 64bit? to verify on Mac : apple key, then "about this mac"

3- Open VirtualBox

4- Clic on File -> Import appliance

  • Follow the import wizard and choose the .ova file you've just downloaded before.
  • If needed, reduce the RAM allocated to the virtual machine. It's 1 Gb now, if it's too much, reduce to 768 Mb or 512 Mb. Minimum of 512 Mb recommended.

5- Once Ubuntu is imported, on VirtualBox main screen, double-clic on the machine in the left pannel

6- The user is montreal-python... the password is montreal-python as well

Instructions to import the image with printscreens are available here :


You're now in your Python developer workstation, a Ubuntu that Montréal-Python prepared for you. For your info, it's only a Ubuntu out-of-the-box with these extra Debian packages installed :

  • build-essential
  • python-dev
  • python-virtualenv
  • ipython
  • ipython-notebook
  • git
  • gitk

You're now ready to code!