Bode Plot

Demonstrate the contruction of a Bode Plot using the Python Control Systems Library.

How to Specify a Transfer Function

Given a transfer function with time delay

$$G_p(s) = \frac{0.2 e^{-0.25s}}{s^2 + 0.5 s + 1}$$

the task is to construct a Bode plot.

The Python Control Systems Library does not provide a specific representation for time delay. It does, however, provide a function pade for creating high-order Pade approximations to time delay systems.

In [1]:
%matplotlib inline
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from control.matlab import *

(num_delay,den_delay) = pade(0.25,3)

Gp = tf([0.2],[1, 0.5, 1])*tf(num_delay,den_delay)
         -0.2 s^3 + 9.6 s^2 - 192 s + 1536
s^5 + 48.5 s^4 + 985 s^3 + 8208 s^2 + 4800 s + 7680
In [2]:
mag,phase,omega = bode(Gp);

Specify Frequency Range

The default frequency range created by bode is often too wide. Fortunately, it is possible to specify the frequency axis in radians using the numpy.logspace function.

In [3]:
w = np.logspace(-1.5,1)
mag,phase,omega = bode(Gp,w)

Set Plotting Options

Bode plots can be customized with several key options, as demonstrated here.

In [4]:
mag,phase,omega = bode(Gp,w,Hz=True,dB=True,deg=False)

Adding Features to the Bode Plot

In addition to creating plots, the bode function returns numpy arrays containing the magnitude, phase, and frequency. This data can be used to annotate or add features to a Bode plot. The following cell interpolates the phase data to find the crossover frequency, then interpolates the magnitude data to find the gain at crossover.

In [5]:
w = np.logspace(-1,1)
mag,phase,omega = bode(Gp,w)

# find the cross-over frequency and gain at cross-over
wc = np.interp(-180.0,np.flipud(phase),np.flipud(omega))
Kcu = np.interp(wc,omega,mag)

# get the subplots axes
ax1,ax2 = plt.gcf().axes

# add features to the magnitude plot
plt.title("Gain at Crossover = {0:.3g}".format(Kcu))

# add features to the phase plot
plt.title("Crossover Frequency = {0:.3g}".format(wc))
<matplotlib.text.Text at 0x11159a208>