In [1]:
%pylab inline
Populating the interactive namespace from numpy and matplotlib
In [2]:
pylab.rcParams["figure.figsize"] = (5,5)
In [3]:
MIL = 25.4/1000
In [4]:
FEEDS = np.array([750,750,30]) # feeds, per-axis
FEEDS_RAPID = np.array([1500,1500,1500])

class Path:
    "A complete three-dimensional path of points"
    def __init__(self, pts):
        self.pts = pts

    def path(self):
        return np.copy(self.pts)
    def toplot(self):
        pts = self.path()
        return pts[:,0:2].T # oi
    def plot(self, plotfn):
    def gcode_name(self):
        return "Path, %d pts" % len(self.path())
    def extent(self):
        pts = self.path()
        minima = [999,999,999]
        maxima = [-999,-999,-99]
        for p in pts:
            for i in range(3):
                if p[i] < minima[i]:
                    minima[i] = p[i]
                if p[i] > maxima[i]:
                    maxima[i] = p[i]
        return [ minima, maxima ]
    def gcode(self, pt0):
        spindle_speed = 15000
        pts = self.path()
        epsilon = 0.01
        dt = 0.0
        if len(pts) < 1:
            return ""
        retval = ""
        speed0 = 0
        for pt in pts:
            travel = pt-pt0
            feeds_here = FEEDS
            if pt[2] >= 0.5 and pt0[2] >= 0.5: # not in work, hopefully...
                feeds_here = FEEDS_RAPID
            dp = travel
            if np.abs(dp[0]) < epsilon and np.abs(dp[1]) < epsilon and dp[2] > 0: # just a retraction
                feeds_here = FEEDS_RAPID            
            wdp = feeds_here * dp

            speed = np.sqrt(,wdp)/,dp))
            line_dt = np.sqrt(,dp)) / speed
            if not np.isnan(line_dt):
                dt += line_dt
            dspeed = speed - speed0
            cur_line = "G1 ";
            emitted = False;
            for (axis,delta,value) in zip("XYZF", 
                if axis == "Z" or np.abs(delta) > epsilon:
                    cur_line += "%s%f " % (axis, value)
                    emitted = True
            if emitted:
                retval += cur_line + " (dt %0.3f)\n" % (line_dt,)
            pt0 = pt
            speed0 = speed
        header = ""
        header += "(%s)\n" % self.gcode_name()
        header += "(Extent: %s)" % str(self.extent())
        header += "(Estimated time: %f)\n\n" % dt
        header += "S%d M3\n" % spindle_speed
        footer = "G0 Z15\nM30\n"
        return header + retval + footer
class PathFlat(Path):
    "A flat path of a given depth"
    def __init__(self, xy_pts, depth):
        self.pts = [ (p[0],p[1],z) for p,z in zip(xy_pts, depth) ]
        self.depth = depth
    def gcode_name(self):
        return "PathFlat: depth=%d, %d points" % (self.depth, len(self.pts))
class PathArc(Path):
    """Create a partial (flat) circular path, approximated by N segments"""
    def __init__(self, center, radius, depth, theta0_deg, theta1_deg, N=None): = center
        self.radius = radius
        self.depth = depth
        self.theta0 = theta0_deg / 180.0 * np.pi
        self.theta1 = theta1_deg / 180.0 * np.pi
        self.N = N
        n = N
        if None == n:
            n = np.abs(radius * (self.theta1-self.theta0)/(2*np.pi) * 10)
        self.pts = self._pts(n)

    def _pts(self, n):
        thetas = np.linspace(self.theta0, self.theta1, n+1)
        xs =[0] + self.radius*np.cos(thetas)
        ys =[1] + self.radius*np.sin(thetas)
        zs = [ -1*self.depth for _ in ys ]
        return zip(xs, ys, zs)

class PathCircle(PathArc):
    """Create a complete (flat) circular path, approximated as an N-gon"""
    def __init__(self, center, radius, depth, N=None):
            PathArc.__init__(self, center, radius, depth, 0, 360, N)

class PathJoin(Path):
    """Create a sequence of paths"""
    def __init__(self, children=None):
        if None == children:
            self.children = []
            self.children = children
    def add(self, p):
    def path(self):
        retval = []
        for p in self.children:
        return np.array(retval)

class PathJoinClosed(PathJoin):
    def path(self):
        self.real_children = self.children
        pt0 = self.children[0].path()[0]
        pt1 = self.children[-1].path()[-1]
        retval = PathJoin.path(self)
        self.children = self.real_children
        return retval
class PathJoinSafe(PathJoin):
    def __init__(self, children=None, z_safe=1.0):
        self.z_safe = z_safe
        self.children = []
        if children:
            for c in children:

    def add(self, p):
        pts = p.path()
        if len(pts) < 1:
        safe_in = pts[0].copy()
        safe_in[2] = self.z_safe
        safe_in = pts[0].copy()
        safe_in[2] = safe_in[2]+0.2

        safe_out = pts[-1].copy()
        safe_out[2] = self.z_safe
class PathTranslate(Path):
    def __init__(self, child, xlate):
        self.xlate = xlate
        self.child = child
    def path(self):
        pts = self.child.path()
        return pts + self.xlate
class PathRotateAboutZOrigin(Path):
    def __init__(self, child, phi_deg):
        self.child = child
        self.phi = -1 * phi_deg * np.pi / 180.0
    def path(self):
        c = np.cos(self.phi)
        s = np.sin(self.phi)
        R = np.array([[c, -s, 0], [s, c, 0], [0,0,1]])
class PathRotateAboutXYPoint(Path):
    def __init__(self, child, center, phi_deg):
        center3 = np.array([center[0], center[1], 0])
        self.pts = PathTranslate(PathRotateAboutZOrigin(PathTranslate(child, center3*-1), phi_deg), center3).path()
class PathSpiral(Path):
    def __init__(self, center, radius, z_top, z_bottom, z_step, direction="CCW", N=None, retract=False): = center
        self.radius = radius
        self.z_top = z_top
        self.z_bottom = z_bottom
        self.z_step = z_step
        self.direction = direction
        self.N = N
        self.z_safe = 1.0
        n = N
        if None == self.N:
            n = int(np.abs(radius * 10))
        if n < 4:
            n = 4
        if self.direction == "CCW":
            self.theta0 = 0
            self.theta1 = 360
        elif self.direction == "CW":
            self.theta0 = 360
            self.theta1 = 0
            raise Exception("Unknown direction '%s'" % self.direction)

        # numpy.arange is explicitly documented as possibly overflowing, so sanity check.
        zs = [ z for z in np.arange(z_top, z_bottom, z_step*-1.0) if z >= z_bottom ]
        # guarantee we get "really close" to the bottom
        if (len(zs) == 0) or (np.abs(zs[-1] - z_bottom) > z_step/10.0):

        n_steps = len(zs) * n

        thetas = [ 2.0*np.pi*i/n for i in range(n_steps) ]
        if self.direction == "CW":
            thetas = [ t * -1 for t in thetas ]
        x_coords = [[0] + self.radius*np.cos(t) for t in thetas ]
        y_coords = [[1] + self.radius*np.sin(t) for t in thetas ]
        z_coords = [ self.z_top - (self.z_top-self.z_bottom+0.0)*i/n_steps for i in range(n_steps) ]
        path_coords = zip(x_coords, y_coords, z_coords)
        if retract:
            p_f = path_coords[-1]
            path_coords.append( [p_f[0],p_f[1],self.z_safe] )
        self.pts = path_coords
 #       self.children = [ PathArc(, self.radius, z, self.theta0, self.theta1, self.N) for z in zs ]
class PathFlipY(Path):
    def __init__(self, child):
        self.pts = [ (pt[0], -1*pt[1], pt[2]) for pt in child.path() ]
In [5]:
def xyplot(*args, **kwargs):
    data = args[0]
    x = data[0]
    y = data[1]
    if "linestyle" not in kwargs:
        kwargs["linestyle"] = "dashed"
    #if "marker" not in kwargs:
    #    kwargs["marker"] = "o"
    plot(x,y, **kwargs)
In [7]:
class HeaderPins(PathJoin):
    def __init__(self, depth, flip=True):
        self.children = []
        pin_spacing = 100*MIL
        def pa(n, t0, t1):
            p = PathArc((0, n*pin_spacing), pin_spacing/2, depth, t0, t1)
            return p
        # Ground is a "C" shape from pin 6 to pin 2
        gnd_out_semi = pa(0, -90,90)       
        a0_q_bl = pa(1, 270, 180)        #a0 quarter, bottom left

        last_pt = a0_q_bl.path()[-1]
        v_pt = last_pt + np.array([0, pin_spacing,0])
        self.add(Path(np.array([last_pt, v_pt])))
        a0_h_t = pa(2,180,0)
        last_pt = a0_h_t.path()[-1]
        v_pt = last_pt - np.array([0, pin_spacing,0])
        self.add(Path(np.array([last_pt, v_pt])))
        # finish up
        a0_h_b = pa(1,0,-180)
        last_pt = a0_h_b.path()[-1]
        v_pt = last_pt + np.array([0, pin_spacing,0])
        self.add(Path(np.array([last_pt, v_pt])))
        a1_q_tl = pa(2,180,90)
        d0_full = pa(3,-90,360+90)
        gnd_semi = pa(4,-90,90)
        pwr_semi = pa(5,270,90)
        if flip:
            p = PathTranslate(PathFlipY(PathJoin(self.children)), (0,5*pin_spacing,0))
            self.children = [p]
h = HeaderPins(6*MIL)
In [8]:
class HeaderPinsHole(Path):
    def __init__(self, depth, z_step=10*MIL):
        self.children = []
        pin_spacing = 100*MIL
        cut_rad = (50-32)*MIL/2

        self.hole = PathSpiral((0,0), cut_rad, 0, -depth, z_step, retract=True)
    def path(self):
        return self.hole.path()
class HeaderHoleArray(PathJoinSafe):
    def __init__(self, depth, n=6):
        pin_spacing = 100*MIL
        self.z_safe = 1.0
        self.children = []
        for i in range(n):
            self.add(PathTranslate(HeaderPinsHole(depth), [0, i*pin_spacing,0]))
In [9]:
h = HeaderPins(6*MIL)
h_holes = HeaderHoleArray(1.5)
In [240]:
print h_holes.children[1].gcode((0,0,0))
(Path, 1 pts)
(Extent: [[0.2286, 0.0, 0.20000000000000001], [0.2286, 0.0, 0.20000000000000001]])(Estimated time: 0.000538)

S15000 M3
G1 X0.228600 Z0.200000 F564.808653  (dt 0.001)
G0 Z15

In [260]:
cut_path = PathJoinClosed()
drill_path = PathJoinSafe()

pcb_thickness = 1.55

for i in range(9):
    base_xlate = np.array([30,-3*100*MIL,0])
    h = HeaderPins(6*MIL)
    drills = HeaderHoleArray(pcb_thickness)
    base_header = PathTranslate(h, base_xlate)
    rot_header = PathRotateAboutZOrigin(base_header, -40*i)
    base_drill = PathTranslate(drills, base_xlate)
    rot_drill = PathRotateAboutZOrigin(base_drill, -40*i)

for i in range(3):
    xlate = np.array([24,0,0])
    mount_drill = PathSpiral((0,0), 2, 0, -pcb_thickness, 0.5)
    drill_path.add( PathRotateAboutZOrigin( PathTranslate(mount_drill, xlate), -20+120*i ) )

pwr_drill = PathSpiral((0,0), 0.5, 0, pcb_thickness, 0.5)
pwr_holes = PathJoin([PathTranslate(pwr_drill, np.array([-23,0,0])),
                      PathTranslate(pwr_drill, np.array([-28,0,0]))])

drill_path.add(PathRotateAboutZOrigin(pwr_holes, -2.5))

inner_cutout = PathSpiral((0,0), 20, 0, -pcb_thickness, 0.5)    
outer_cutout = PathSpiral((0,0), 40, 0, -pcb_thickness, 0.5)    


xlim(-40, 40)
ylim(-40, 40)

job = PathJoinSafe([cut_path, drill_path, inner_cutout, outer_cutout])
#job = PathJoinSafe([inner_cutout, outer_cutout])

In [255]:
In [256]:
(69, 3)
In [257]:
gcode = job.gcode((10,10,10))
f = file("/tmp/", "w")
In [245]:
print inner_cutout.gcode((0,0,0))
(Path, 1000 pts)
(Extent: [[-20.0, -20.0, -1.5484500000000001], [20.0, 20.0, 0.0]])(Estimated time: 0.863558)

S15000 M3
G1 X20.000000 Z0.000000 F750.000000  (dt 0.027)
G1 Y0.628215 Z-0.001550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-0.003100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-0.004650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-0.006200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-0.007750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-0.009300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-0.010850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-0.012400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-0.013950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-0.015500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-0.017050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-0.018600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-0.020150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-0.021700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-0.023250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-0.024800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-0.026350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-0.027900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-0.029450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-0.031000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-0.032550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-0.034100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-0.035650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-0.037200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-0.038750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-0.040300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-0.041850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-0.043400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-0.044950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-0.046500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-0.048050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-0.049600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-0.051150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-0.052700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-0.054250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-0.055800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-0.057350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-0.058900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-0.060450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-0.062000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-0.063550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-0.065100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-0.066650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-0.068200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-0.069750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-0.071300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-0.072850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-0.074400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Y19.990131 Z-0.075950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.000000 Z-0.077500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Z-0.079050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-0.080600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-0.082150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-0.083700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-0.085250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-0.086800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-0.088350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-0.089900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-0.091450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-0.093000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-0.094550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-0.096100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-0.097650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-0.099200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-0.100750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-0.102300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-0.103850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-0.105400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-0.106950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-0.108500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-0.110050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-0.111600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-0.113150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-0.114700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-0.116250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-0.117800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-0.119350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-0.120900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-0.122450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-0.124000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-0.125550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-0.127100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-0.128650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-0.130200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-0.131750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-0.133300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-0.134850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-0.136400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-0.137950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-0.139500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-0.141050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-0.142600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-0.144150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-0.145700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-0.147250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-0.148800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-0.150350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-0.151900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.990131 Y0.628215 Z-0.153450  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y0.000000 Z-0.155000  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y-0.628215 Z-0.156550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-0.158100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-0.159650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-0.161200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-0.162750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-0.164300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-0.165850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-0.167400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-0.168950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-0.170500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-0.172050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-0.173600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-0.175150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-0.176700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-0.178250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-0.179800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-0.181350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-0.182900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-0.184450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-0.186000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-0.187550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-0.189100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-0.190650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-0.192200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-0.193750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-0.195300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-0.196850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-0.198400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-0.199950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-0.201500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-0.203050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-0.204600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-0.206150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-0.207700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-0.209250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-0.210800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-0.212350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-0.213900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-0.215450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-0.217000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-0.218550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-0.220100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-0.221650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-0.223200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-0.224750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-0.226300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-0.227850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-0.229400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Y-19.990131 Z-0.230950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.000000 Z-0.232500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Z-0.234050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-0.235600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-0.237150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-0.238700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-0.240250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-0.241800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-0.243350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-0.244900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-0.246450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-0.248000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-0.249550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-0.251100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-0.252650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-0.254200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-0.255750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-0.257300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-0.258850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-0.260400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-0.261950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-0.263500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-0.265050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-0.266600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-0.268150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-0.269700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-0.271250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-0.272800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-0.274350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-0.275900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-0.277450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-0.279000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-0.280550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-0.282100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-0.283650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-0.285200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-0.286750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-0.288300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-0.289850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-0.291400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-0.292950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-0.294500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-0.296050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-0.297600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-0.299150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-0.300700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-0.302250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-0.303800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-0.305350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-0.306900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.990131 Y-0.628215 Z-0.308450  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y-0.000000 Z-0.310000  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y0.628215 Z-0.311550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-0.313100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-0.314650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-0.316200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-0.317750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-0.319300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-0.320850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-0.322400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-0.323950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-0.325500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-0.327050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-0.328600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-0.330150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-0.331700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-0.333250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-0.334800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-0.336350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-0.337900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-0.339450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-0.341000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-0.342550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-0.344100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-0.345650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-0.347200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-0.348750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-0.350300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-0.351850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-0.353400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-0.354950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-0.356500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-0.358050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-0.359600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-0.361150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-0.362700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-0.364250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-0.365800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-0.367350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-0.368900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-0.370450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-0.372000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-0.373550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-0.375100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-0.376650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-0.378200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-0.379750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-0.381300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-0.382850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-0.384400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Y19.990131 Z-0.385950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.000000 Z-0.387500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Z-0.389050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-0.390600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-0.392150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-0.393700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-0.395250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-0.396800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-0.398350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-0.399900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-0.401450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-0.403000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-0.404550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-0.406100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-0.407650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-0.409200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-0.410750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-0.412300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-0.413850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-0.415400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-0.416950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-0.418500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-0.420050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-0.421600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-0.423150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-0.424700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-0.426250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-0.427800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-0.429350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-0.430900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-0.432450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-0.434000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-0.435550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-0.437100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-0.438650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-0.440200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-0.441750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-0.443300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-0.444850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-0.446400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-0.447950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-0.449500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-0.451050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-0.452600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-0.454150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-0.455700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-0.457250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-0.458800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-0.460350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-0.461900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.990131 Y0.628215 Z-0.463450  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y0.000000 Z-0.465000  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y-0.628215 Z-0.466550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-0.468100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-0.469650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-0.471200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-0.472750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-0.474300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-0.475850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-0.477400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-0.478950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-0.480500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-0.482050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-0.483600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-0.485150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-0.486700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-0.488250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-0.489800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-0.491350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-0.492900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-0.494450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-0.496000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-0.497550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-0.499100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-0.500650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-0.502200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-0.503750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-0.505300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-0.506850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-0.508400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-0.509950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-0.511500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-0.513050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-0.514600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-0.516150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-0.517700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-0.519250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-0.520800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-0.522350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-0.523900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-0.525450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-0.527000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-0.528550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-0.530100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-0.531650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-0.533200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-0.534750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-0.536300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-0.537850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-0.539400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Y-19.990131 Z-0.540950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.000000 Z-0.542500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Z-0.544050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-0.545600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-0.547150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-0.548700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-0.550250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-0.551800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-0.553350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-0.554900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-0.556450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-0.558000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-0.559550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-0.561100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-0.562650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-0.564200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-0.565750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-0.567300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-0.568850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-0.570400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-0.571950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-0.573500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-0.575050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-0.576600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-0.578150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-0.579700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-0.581250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-0.582800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-0.584350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-0.585900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-0.587450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-0.589000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-0.590550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-0.592100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-0.593650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-0.595200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-0.596750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-0.598300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-0.599850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-0.601400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-0.602950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-0.604500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-0.606050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-0.607600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-0.609150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-0.610700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-0.612250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-0.613800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-0.615350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-0.616900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.990131 Y-0.628215 Z-0.618450  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y-0.000000 Z-0.620000  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y0.628215 Z-0.621550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-0.623100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-0.624650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-0.626200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-0.627750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-0.629300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-0.630850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-0.632400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-0.633950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-0.635500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-0.637050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-0.638600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-0.640150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-0.641700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-0.643250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-0.644800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-0.646350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-0.647900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-0.649450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-0.651000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-0.652550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-0.654100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-0.655650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-0.657200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-0.658750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-0.660300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-0.661850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-0.663400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-0.664950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-0.666500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-0.668050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-0.669600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-0.671150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-0.672700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-0.674250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-0.675800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-0.677350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-0.678900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-0.680450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-0.682000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-0.683550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-0.685100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-0.686650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-0.688200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-0.689750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-0.691300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-0.692850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-0.694400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Y19.990131 Z-0.695950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.000000 Z-0.697500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Z-0.699050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-0.700600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-0.702150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-0.703700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-0.705250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-0.706800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-0.708350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-0.709900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-0.711450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-0.713000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-0.714550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-0.716100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-0.717650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-0.719200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-0.720750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-0.722300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-0.723850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-0.725400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-0.726950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-0.728500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-0.730050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-0.731600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-0.733150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-0.734700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-0.736250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-0.737800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-0.739350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-0.740900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-0.742450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-0.744000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-0.745550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-0.747100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-0.748650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-0.750200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-0.751750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-0.753300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-0.754850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-0.756400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-0.757950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-0.759500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-0.761050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-0.762600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-0.764150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-0.765700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-0.767250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-0.768800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-0.770350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-0.771900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.990131 Y0.628215 Z-0.773450  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y0.000000 Z-0.775000  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y-0.628215 Z-0.776550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-0.778100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-0.779650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-0.781200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-0.782750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-0.784300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-0.785850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-0.787400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-0.788950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-0.790500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-0.792050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-0.793600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-0.795150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-0.796700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-0.798250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-0.799800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-0.801350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-0.802900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-0.804450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-0.806000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-0.807550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-0.809100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-0.810650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-0.812200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-0.813750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-0.815300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-0.816850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-0.818400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-0.819950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-0.821500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-0.823050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-0.824600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-0.826150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-0.827700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-0.829250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-0.830800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-0.832350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-0.833900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-0.835450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-0.837000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-0.838550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-0.840100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-0.841650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-0.843200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-0.844750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-0.846300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-0.847850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-0.849400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Y-19.990131 Z-0.850950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.000000 Z-0.852500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Z-0.854050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-0.855600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-0.857150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-0.858700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-0.860250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-0.861800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-0.863350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-0.864900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-0.866450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-0.868000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-0.869550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-0.871100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-0.872650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-0.874200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-0.875750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-0.877300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-0.878850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-0.880400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-0.881950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-0.883500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-0.885050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-0.886600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-0.888150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-0.889700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-0.891250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-0.892800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-0.894350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-0.895900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-0.897450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-0.899000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-0.900550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-0.902100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-0.903650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-0.905200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-0.906750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-0.908300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-0.909850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-0.911400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-0.912950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-0.914500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-0.916050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-0.917600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-0.919150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-0.920700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-0.922250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-0.923800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-0.925350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-0.926900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.990131 Y-0.628215 Z-0.928450  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y-0.000000 Z-0.930000  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y0.628215 Z-0.931550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-0.933100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-0.934650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-0.936200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-0.937750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-0.939300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-0.940850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-0.942400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-0.943950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-0.945500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-0.947050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-0.948600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-0.950150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-0.951700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-0.953250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-0.954800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-0.956350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-0.957900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-0.959450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-0.961000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-0.962550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-0.964100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-0.965650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-0.967200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-0.968750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-0.970300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-0.971850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-0.973400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-0.974950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-0.976500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-0.978050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-0.979600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-0.981150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-0.982700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-0.984250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-0.985800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-0.987350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-0.988900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-0.990450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-0.992000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-0.993550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-0.995100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-0.996650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-0.998200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-0.999750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-1.001300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-1.002850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-1.004400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Y19.990131 Z-1.005950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.000000 Z-1.007500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Z-1.009050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-1.010600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-1.012150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-1.013700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-1.015250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-1.016800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-1.018350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-1.019900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-1.021450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-1.023000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-1.024550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-1.026100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-1.027650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-1.029200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-1.030750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-1.032300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-1.033850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-1.035400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-1.036950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-1.038500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-1.040050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-1.041600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-1.043150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-1.044700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-1.046250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-1.047800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-1.049350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-1.050900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-1.052450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-1.054000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-1.055550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-1.057100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-1.058650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-1.060200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-1.061750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-1.063300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-1.064850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-1.066400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-1.067950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-1.069500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-1.071050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-1.072600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-1.074150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-1.075700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-1.077250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-1.078800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-1.080350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-1.081900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.990131 Y0.628215 Z-1.083450  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y0.000000 Z-1.085000  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y-0.628215 Z-1.086550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-1.088100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-1.089650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-1.091200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-1.092750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-1.094300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-1.095850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-1.097400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-1.098950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-1.100500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-1.102050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-1.103600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-1.105150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-1.106700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-1.108250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-1.109800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-1.111350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-1.112900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-1.114450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-1.116000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-1.117550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-1.119100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-1.120650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-1.122200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-1.123750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-1.125300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-1.126850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-1.128400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-1.129950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-1.131500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-1.133050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-1.134600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-1.136150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-1.137700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-1.139250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-1.140800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-1.142350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-1.143900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-1.145450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-1.147000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-1.148550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-1.150100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-1.151650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-1.153200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-1.154750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-1.156300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-1.157850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-1.159400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Y-19.990131 Z-1.160950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.000000 Z-1.162500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Z-1.164050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-1.165600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-1.167150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-1.168700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-1.170250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-1.171800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-1.173350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-1.174900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-1.176450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-1.178000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-1.179550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-1.181100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-1.182650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-1.184200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-1.185750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-1.187300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-1.188850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-1.190400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-1.191950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-1.193500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-1.195050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-1.196600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-1.198150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-1.199700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-1.201250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-1.202800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-1.204350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-1.205900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-1.207450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-1.209000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-1.210550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-1.212100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-1.213650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-1.215200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-1.216750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-1.218300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-1.219850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-1.221400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-1.222950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-1.224500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-1.226050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-1.227600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-1.229150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-1.230700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-1.232250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-1.233800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-1.235350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-1.236900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.990131 Y-0.628215 Z-1.238450  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y-0.000000 Z-1.240000  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y0.628215 Z-1.241550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-1.243100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-1.244650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-1.246200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-1.247750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-1.249300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-1.250850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-1.252400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-1.253950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-1.255500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-1.257050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-1.258600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-1.260150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-1.261700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-1.263250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-1.264800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-1.266350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-1.267900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-1.269450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-1.271000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-1.272550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-1.274100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-1.275650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-1.277200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-1.278750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-1.280300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-1.281850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-1.283400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-1.284950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-1.286500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-1.288050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-1.289600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-1.291150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-1.292700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-1.294250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-1.295800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-1.297350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-1.298900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-1.300450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-1.302000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-1.303550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-1.305100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-1.306650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-1.308200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-1.309750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-1.311300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-1.312850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-1.314400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Y19.990131 Z-1.315950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.000000 Z-1.317500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Z-1.319050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y19.960535 Z-1.320600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y19.911239 Z-1.322150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y19.842294 Z-1.323700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y19.753767 Z-1.325250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y19.645745 Z-1.326800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y19.518335 Z-1.328350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y19.371663 Z-1.329900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y19.205874 Z-1.331450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y19.021130 Z-1.333000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y18.817615 Z-1.334550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y18.595530 Z-1.336100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y18.355093 Z-1.337650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y18.096541 Z-1.339200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y17.820130 Z-1.340750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y17.526134 Z-1.342300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y17.214841 Z-1.343850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y16.886559 Z-1.345400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y16.541611 Z-1.346950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y16.180340 Z-1.348500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y15.803100 Z-1.350050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y15.410265 Z-1.351600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y15.002221 Z-1.353150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y14.579373 Z-1.354700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y14.142136 Z-1.356250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y13.690942 Z-1.357800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y13.226237 Z-1.359350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y12.748480 Z-1.360900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y12.258141 Z-1.362450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y11.755705 Z-1.364000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y11.241668 Z-1.365550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y10.716536 Z-1.367100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y10.180828 Z-1.368650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y9.635073 Z-1.370200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y9.079810 Z-1.371750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y8.515586 Z-1.373300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y7.942958 Z-1.374850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y7.362491 Z-1.376400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y6.774758 Z-1.377950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y6.180340 Z-1.379500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y5.579822 Z-1.381050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y4.973798 Z-1.382600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y4.362865 Z-1.384150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y3.747626 Z-1.385700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y3.128689 Z-1.387250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y2.506665 Z-1.388800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y1.882166 Z-1.390350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y1.255810 Z-1.391900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.990131 Y0.628215 Z-1.393450  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y0.000000 Z-1.395000  (dt 0.001)
G1 Y-0.628215 Z-1.396550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-1.398100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-1.399650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-1.401200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-1.402750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-1.404300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-1.405850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-1.407400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-1.408950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-1.410500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-1.412050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-1.413600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-1.415150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-1.416700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-1.418250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-1.419800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-1.421350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-1.422900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-1.424450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-1.426000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-1.427550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-1.429100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-1.430650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-1.432200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-1.433750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-1.435300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-1.436850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-1.438400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-1.439950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-1.441500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-1.443050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-1.444600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-1.446150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-1.447700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-1.449250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-1.450800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-1.452350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-1.453900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-1.455450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-1.457000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-1.458550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-1.460100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-1.461650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-1.463200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-1.464750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-1.466300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-1.467850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-1.469400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X-0.628215 Y-19.990131 Z-1.470950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.000000 Z-1.472500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X0.628215 Z-1.474050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.255810 Y-19.960535 Z-1.475600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X1.882166 Y-19.911239 Z-1.477150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X2.506665 Y-19.842294 Z-1.478700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.128689 Y-19.753767 Z-1.480250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X3.747626 Y-19.645745 Z-1.481800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.362865 Y-19.518335 Z-1.483350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X4.973798 Y-19.371663 Z-1.484900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X5.579822 Y-19.205874 Z-1.486450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.180340 Y-19.021130 Z-1.488000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X6.774758 Y-18.817615 Z-1.489550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.362491 Y-18.595530 Z-1.491100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X7.942958 Y-18.355093 Z-1.492650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X8.515586 Y-18.096541 Z-1.494200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.079810 Y-17.820130 Z-1.495750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X9.635073 Y-17.526134 Z-1.497300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.180828 Y-17.214841 Z-1.498850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X10.716536 Y-16.886559 Z-1.500400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.241668 Y-16.541611 Z-1.501950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X11.755705 Y-16.180340 Z-1.503500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.258141 Y-15.803100 Z-1.505050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X12.748480 Y-15.410265 Z-1.506600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.226237 Y-15.002221 Z-1.508150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X13.690942 Y-14.579373 Z-1.509700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.142136 Y-14.142136 Z-1.511250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X14.579373 Y-13.690942 Z-1.512800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.002221 Y-13.226237 Z-1.514350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.410265 Y-12.748480 Z-1.515900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X15.803100 Y-12.258141 Z-1.517450  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.180340 Y-11.755705 Z-1.519000  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.541611 Y-11.241668 Z-1.520550  (dt 0.001)
G1 X16.886559 Y-10.716536 Z-1.522100  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.214841 Y-10.180828 Z-1.523650  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.526134 Y-9.635073 Z-1.525200  (dt 0.001)
G1 X17.820130 Y-9.079810 Z-1.526750  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.096541 Y-8.515586 Z-1.528300  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.355093 Y-7.942958 Z-1.529850  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.595530 Y-7.362491 Z-1.531400  (dt 0.001)
G1 X18.817615 Y-6.774758 Z-1.532950  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.021130 Y-6.180340 Z-1.534500  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.205874 Y-5.579822 Z-1.536050  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.371663 Y-4.973798 Z-1.537600  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.518335 Y-4.362865 Z-1.539150  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.645745 Y-3.747626 Z-1.540700  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.753767 Y-3.128689 Z-1.542250  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.842294 Y-2.506665 Z-1.543800  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.911239 Y-1.882166 Z-1.545350  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.960535 Y-1.255810 Z-1.546900  (dt 0.001)
G1 X19.990131 Y-0.628215 Z-1.548450  (dt 0.001)
G0 Z15