Using github API

Github is well known web service for source code management and distributed revision control. Github API provide various HTTP methods thrught which one can access details of a contribuotr, repo, organization etc.

Here I am using the same github API to know how much percentage a contributor has contributed to his repos, using number of commits. There are various wrapper libraries available in different languages to access this API, but here I am using only real github API and python request library to do the job.

Getting contributors github handler

In [2]:
import requests

username = raw_input("Enter github handler: ")
Enter github handler: exploreshaifali

Basic Info of the contrbutor

Now first lets fetch all basic infro of the contributor and print them. For this we need to make an HTTP call to url "" this will return json data about user. We can use that data easily converting it into python dictonary.

In [3]:
def get_user_info(username):
    """ Getting basic user infos: Step 1 
        username : u'login'
        real name: u'name'
        gravtar : u'avatar_url' 
        numbre of public repos
        email: u'email'
        github url: u'url'
    url = ""+username
    r = requests.get(url).json()
    print('username: {username} \n Real Name: {real_name} \n \
          gravtar_url: {avatar_url} \n email address: {email} \n \
          github url: {github_url} \n Number of Public repos: \
          {public_repos}'.format(username=username, real_name=r[u'name'],
          avatar_url= r[u'avatar_url'], email= r[u'email'], github_url=r[u'url'],
          public_repos= r[u'public_repos']))
    return r
In [4]:
user_info = get_user_info(username)
username: exploreshaifali 
 Real Name: Shaifali Agrawal 
 email address: [email protected] 
           github url: 
 Number of Public repos:           5

Details of public repos

Now lets fetch and print details of each public repo the contriboutor have

In [6]:
def get_repos_info(username, url):
    Step 2
    url = url of all public repo list.
    for each repo get:
        name: u'name'
        repo url :u'url', u'html_url', u'clone_url'
        Number of contributors: u'contributors_url'
        Number of total commits :
        Number of commits made by given user
        start date : u'created_at'
        last updated date : u'updated_at'
        number of issues, milestones
        description: u'description'
    r = requests.get(url).json()
    number_of_repo = len(r)
    for i in range(number_of_repo):
        _repo_name = r[i][u'name']
        _repo_url = r[i][u'url']
        _repo_description = r[i][u'description']
        _number_of_contributors = get_number_of_contibutors_of_repo(r[i][u'contributors_url'])
        _commits_url = _repo_url+'/commits'
        _total_commits = get_total_number_of_commits(_commits_url)
        _commits_by_given_user = get_number_of_commits_made_by_given_user(_commits_url, username)
        _issues_url = _repo_url+'/issues'
        _issues = get_total_issues_by_user_in_a_repo(username, _issues_url)
        print('repo name: {name} \n repo url {repo_url} \n Description:{description}\
            \n number of contributors: {number_of_contributors}\
            \n total number of commits: {total_commits}\n Commits made by {username}:\
            {number_of_commits_by_given_user}\n issues: {issues}\n'.format(name=_repo_name,
            repo_url=_repo_url, number_of_contributors=_number_of_contributors,
            description=_repo_description, username=username,
def get_number_of_contibutors_of_repo(url):
    """ Step 2.b """
    r = requests.get(url).json()
    return len(r)     
def get_total_number_of_commits(url):
    """ Step 2.c """
    r = requests.get(url).json()
    return len(r)    

def get_number_of_commits_made_by_given_user(url, username):
    """ Step 2.d
        url: repo commits api url
        Return Number of commits made by a contributor in a particular repo.
    r = requests.get(url).json()
    number_of_commits = 0
    for i in range(len(r)):  
            Though at present 'committer' key is used but many times committer and
            author keys are none, so would be more better to get this info from 'commit' key. Need to 
            think more on how to get value using commit key.
        if r[i]['committer'] != None:
            if r[i]['committer'][u'login'] == username:
                number_of_commits += 1
    return number_of_commits

#get issues for given repo and given username
def get_total_issues_by_user_in_a_repo(username, url):
    """ return dict{'total_issues': value,
        'issues_created_by_given_user': value}
        :param username: github handler
        :param url: url of repo
    r = requests.get(url).json()
    total_issues = len(r)
    issues_created_by_given_user = 0
    for issue in r:
        if issue[u'user'][u'login'] == username:
            issues_created_by_given_user += 1 
            if issue[u'state'] == 'open':
                user_open_issues += 1 
        if issue[u'state'] == 'open':
            total_open_issues += 1 
    _dict = {'total_issues':total_issues, 'issues_created_by_given_user':issues_created_by_given_user,
             'total_open_issues':total_open_issues, 'user_open_issues':user_open_issues}
    return _dict

# get user's repo info:
get_repos_info(username, user_info[u'repos_url'])
repo name: bonafidePro 
 repo url 
 Description:To automate the process of issuing bonafide certificates in IIPS.          
 number of contributors: 1          
 total number of commits: 9
 Commits made by exploreshaifali:          8
 issues: {'total_issues': 0, 'user_open_issues': 0, 'issues_created_by_given_user': 0, 'total_open_issues': 0}

repo name: content 
 repo url 
 Description:Official content for Harvard CS109          
 number of contributors: 11          
 total number of commits: 30
 Commits made by exploreshaifali:          0
 issues: {'total_issues': 0, 'user_open_issues': 0, 'issues_created_by_given_user': 0, 'total_open_issues': 0}

repo name: datasharing 
 repo url 
 Description:The Leek group guide to data sharing           
 number of contributors: 8          
 total number of commits: 25
 Commits made by exploreshaifali:          0
 issues: {'total_issues': 0, 'user_open_issues': 0, 'issues_created_by_given_user': 0, 'total_open_issues': 0}

repo name: Poll-App 
 repo url 
 number of contributors: 2          
 total number of commits: 30
 Commits made by exploreshaifali:          30
 issues: {'total_issues': 0, 'user_open_issues': 0, 'issues_created_by_given_user': 0, 'total_open_issues': 0}

repo name: Programming 
 repo url 
 Description:Here I am putting my learning programs.          
 number of contributors: 1          
 total number of commits: 26
 Commits made by exploreshaifali:          26
 issues: {'total_issues': 0, 'user_open_issues': 0, 'issues_created_by_given_user': 0, 'total_open_issues': 0}