Graphlab 安装与使用


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  • 打开Anaconda的Terminal,有两种方法,任选一种:
    • 打开Anaconda内置的Spyder,在tools中打开open a terminal
    • 打开Dato Launcher,选择并打开 'Terminal'
  • 输入:

pip install -U graphlab-create

windows用户安装graphlab-create出错:unistall tornado, permission denied: tornado/speedup.pdy, 解决方法:

  • 首先,卸载tornado:

    conda remove tornado

  • 然后,重新运行:

    pip install -U graphlab-create

set product key using GraphLab Create API

In [2]:
# set product key using GraphLab Create API
import graphlab
graphlab.product_key.set_product_key('4972-65DF-8E02-816C') # 替换为你的序列号


GraphLab Create is a Python package that allows programmers to perform end-to-end large-scale data analysis and data product development.

  • Data ingestion and cleaning with SFrames. SFrame is an efficient disk-based tabular data structure that is not limited by RAM. This lets you scale your analysis and data processing to handle terabytes of data, even on your laptop.

  • Data exploration and visualization with GraphLab Canvas. GraphLab Canvas is a browser-based interactive GUI that allows you to explore tabular data, summary plots and statistics.

  • Network analysis with SGraph. SGraph is a disk-based graph data structure that stores vertices and edges in SFrames.

  • Predictive model development with machine learning toolkits. GraphLab Create includes several toolkits for quick prototyping with fast, scalable algorithms.

  • Production automation with data pipelines. Data pipelines allow you to assemble reusable code tasks into jobs and automatically run them on common execution environments (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Hadoop).


You can use pip to upgrade the graphlab-create package. For more information see

upgrade to latest version on

pip install --upgrade graphlab-create