Name Notebooks Description
0695d8eb6764dc6d31c7a2de6bc7a121 pt2xy2pt.ipynb Conversion on `geopandas` points to XYs to points
1be17cfb4f06d2ec8bab2f230b84137a palindromes.ipynb Finding the longest palindrome in the UK
326c212df73efccad5ec1ff43cd0a369 legendgrams.ipynb Histograms as choropleth legends
ba9103ee8d6f1645ab845344215f786b geoplot_viridis.ipynb `geoplot` Viridis
691ad184280590d1219ffcf9a1678030 brexit_lisa.ipynb
8b5a7b93d4085223f1c5 maup.ipynb A computational exploration of the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem
41940dfe7bf4f987eeaa pandas_dask_test.ipynb Quick comparison between `pandas` and `dask` groupby functionality.
0495ddec8f6ab6e242c9 main_effect_plots.ipynb Main Effect Plots
657e0568df7a63362762 pysal_lisa_maps.ipynb LISA cluster maps with `PySAL`
af4efcfe5302f860d365 pysal_r_bench.ipynb PySAL-R benchmarking
58beea91c01f9a1e7fa3 geo_postcard.ipynb (Geo-)postcard from Chicago
9a0d3b6177b7ca6be007 london_boroughs.ipynb London boroughs, one by one
847138dced15727f9fcf cont_block.ipynb Contiguity and block -based weights in PySAL
9943372 sp_corr.ipynb Interactive spatial autocorrelation
9109901 kde_maps.ipynb Spatial kernel density estimation wrapper
7805381 panel_FE.ipynb Fixed-Effects panel OLS
4121857 guardian_gaza.ipynb A IPython Notebook to analyze the Gaza-Israel 2012 crisis
3890284 pysal_choropleth_mapping.ipynb Shapefile plotting with PySAL and Matplotlib